Sunday Whatever

Erm, yes.

Well, it feels like one, doesn’t it?  Am already one week late with this thanks to illness, so one more day isn’t going to make much more of a difference…  Not quite sure what’s going to be happening this week as proper work is going to take up almost all of my time, but it’s also the start of what seems to be a very busy period here – new arrivals both anticipated and surprising starting (hopefully) tomorrow and then carrying on until the end of May.  And to think, I’ve been bored lately.


Whatever passes for normal service around here will be resumed next week.  Probably.


Victims Family – White Bread Blues

Finally, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, a bunch of new (or that were new 3 weeks ago when they were posted) CDs have finally been delivered.  This does not let my local mail delivery monkeys off the hook though, as two of the packages have been opened so that someone could have a bit of a rummage before deciding that the contents were maybe not for them.  Shame that this doesn’t always seem to be the case.


And now that they’ve arrived, they’re sitting there unplayed.  Not sure if it’s because I’m all new-musicked-out at the moment, or my brain is still partially shut down from Christmas illness/partial excess, or that I’m just plum knackered today, but I’m just not into having whole new musical experiences piped into the consciousness / discovering that I’ve spent a bunch of money on something I don’t like.  I shall leave that fun little voyage of aural discovery until tomorrow.  Until then, I’ll be spending this evening in the company of something fun and mad, and whose approach to knocking out a good tune seems to be fully in sync with the mess of tubes and wires that comprise my brain at the mo.