Sunday Whatever

It’s probably about time for me to admit that I haven’ the faintest idea what I’m doing with this blog.  After over three years, one would have thought that I would have settled into some sort of happy little groove, but I haven’t really.  If anything, this is all going backwards – and much I should probably blame poor writing for this, the little graphic at the top-right of this.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

Two weeks of awfulness over, now it’s back to mere drudgery.  And now I have a bit of time to myself, I’ve got a small pile to navigate that will start getting bigger after tomorrow plus I’m going to force myself to do the thing I keep saying that I’m going to do and delve back into the 80s and 90s once more to bring back a “From The Past”.. Read More

The Twilight Singers – Live in New York

A bit of a slight revisit this one, as thanks to the joys of preordering I’d been enjoying the downloaded tracks for a short while beforehand (and enjoying to the extent that I’d included this among my favourites of 2011). Thanks to the arrival of the 2xCD package that arrived yesterday as well as the arrival of a posh new pair of headphones (which comes with a free bottle-opener for.. Read More

Best of 2011, 20-11

Last one for this bit, with the remaining ten(ish…) getting a page to themselves.  And thank the stars for that, as it’s such a bugger to go on about ten things at the same time whilst trying (and probably failing) to remember which adverbs I’ve already used.  What I’ve found interesting so far whilst doing this and looking at the many emerging lists from other sites and proper media (and.. Read More

Best of 2011, 40-31

And now for the next bit.  This is a good one to expose the utter unfairness in doing these things, as there’s one in this section that I have had for a few days that would probably have placed much higher if I had more time to listen to it, and another that has had more time than most to sink in as it had been knocking about for two.. Read More

Half-term Musings, Random Favourites So Far

Well, everyone else has done one.   I guess it’s the immediacy of the internet nowadays that lists simply can’t wait until the year end.  I did try to do this properly, but trying to whittle down about 40 or so absolute corkers so far this year I soon realised that it’s all far too much work, especially as I’ll be doing it all again in December.  So the following.. Read More

Twilight Singers – Manchester Moho Live, 20/03/2011

It was very hot.  It was incredibly loud.  The audience were stood on some sort of lovely patio.   These are special nights when Greg Dulli brings his Twilight Singers into town.  Not just because of longterm comedy injuries sustained by this scribbler whilst drunkenly walking a very long way home in the wrong direction and pouring rain whilst drunk after an especially brilliant set, and in this case not.. Read More

The Twilight Singers – Dynamite Steps

One day, all online record sales will be conducted using Sub Pop’s excellent business model.  Encouraging vinyl sales by including free mp3 download codes and generally being really friendly and easy to deal with is reason enough to fling disposable income at them, but they should also be singled out for special praise for providing streams of your order when they send you your purchase confirmation.  This also extends to.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

Been neglecting these of late – partly because I’ve been working more Sundays recently (I have a South Coast Beano in December to pay for), partly because when I am in of a Sunday, I’m listening to too much stuff to bother listening to it; but mostly because these things are for one reason or another an absolute sod to format.  Then again, it’s probably just a case of getting.. Read More

The Twilight Singers – Blackberry Belle

I must admit that, although having been quite the Afghan Whigs fan, Greg Dulli’s first foray outside the comfort zone of his own band (the now departed Afghan Whigs) with Twilight as Played by The Twilight Singers seemed to have passed by under my radar (something that was resolved within three days of listening to the follow-up).  So it was this second album that was my first exposure to this.. Read More