Best of 2013, Favourite Tracks

Albums are all well and good, but what of the individual songs contained within?  A silly question to be sure, but it’s a bit more complicated than merely going “well that was the best record, so it had the best songs on it” – that works sometimes, but not always.  Sometimes, a song in its right place in the context of its album home is a euphoric, emotional high; but.. Read More

The Revival Hour – Scorpio Little Devil

There’s much been said about the classic Side 1 Track 1s of musical history, and rightly so.  However – and this my be a bit weirdly compulsive of me – when I have a quick sample of something completely new to me, it’s not the first track I head for.  Instead, I decide on blind buys on the strength of a record’s second piece; introductions are all well and good,.. Read More