Lightships – Electric Cables

That’ll be summer gone then. After a week of lunchtimes spent basking in a carpark under a vivid cerulean sky, I’m sat here shivering while the lady on the TV tells me it might snow again in a bit. Thankfully, if that really was the best we can expect from British Summer Time (and can someone please get the comedy genius who decided on that name a knighthood*), then at.. Read More

Jonny – S/T

First things first: this is three and a half quid on iTunes.  This alone, for thirteen tracks and forty minutes of good-natured and off-kilter indie-pop, is a steal.   Which isn’t the only reason why I bought it.  I bought it partly because Teenage Fanclub’s Shadows was a huge highlight of last year, this project intrigued me from first hearing, and well yes because it was cheap.   With Teenage.. Read More

Mid-Afternoon Compilation Saturday – Judgment Night

I do like films.  I’m currently ploughing through a 21-disc set of Hammer films from the mid to late 1960s that all seem to have been filmed in the same village in Cornwall, but are fun nonetheless.  So it should come as little surprise that I’m also a fan of film soundtracks. Movie soundtracks are a strange affair when removed from the film they were created for.  Many struggle to.. Read More

End Of Year Doings, Part 2

The problem with starting this nonsense early enough to get it all finished before Santa doesn’t bring me any of the stuff I asked for yet again, is that I’m still hearing new stuff and in one particular case, being utterly blown away by it.  So, what’ll probably happen is that I shall cheat even more than I already have done and include a joint “something in the top 3”,.. Read More