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  • Vaporland

    vaporlandWhile I’ve been switched off recently, I was also apparently rather busy as the last few weeks has seen a whole raft of Things I Ordered And Then Forgot About arriving in a steady stream.  This is something I do rather a lot which always results in a pleasant surprise when stuff appears, and it’s somewhat miraculous when duplicates are few and far between.  That said, I have absolutely no recollection of ordering this one, although there’s plenty of evidence stating that I must have done.  All I can do at this point is offer my congratulations to whatever subconscious part of my brain was working on whatever day I handed over the cash for this one, as it’s a bit of a corker.

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  • Argonaut – What’s Your Perfect Day?

    argonautI was going to do this a week or so ago, but I must admit to constantly being sidetracked every time I try to do the thing that I tend to call “research”, but which in all honesty actually equates to “going on the internet for a bit”. During that extended period, the main thing I have researched is that There Are A Lot Of Bands Called Argonaut.  Which leads me to hope that, in the description of the band that follows below, I am talking about the right one.  If I do have the right one however, it’s a rather lovely story of how this EP kind of came together.  If I haven’t, then it’s a lovely story anyway.

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