Sound City – Real To Reel

soundcityBloody queue jumpers.  Here’s me with a pile of stuff from the last few weeks to trawl through (a good half-dozen things remain unlistened-to, with two more arriving today and more next week), and just as I start to get things in some semblance of working order, this comes and barges in without a by-your-leave and it’s taking up all my time.  Thankfully, in true British style, I can take all of this in my stride with only the tiniest and most imperceptible of “Well, honestly“s and a couple of tuts before carrying on as though nothing happened.  Bowie’s going to have to wait a couple of days.


Sound City

sound city posterMen.  We do like our gadgets, don’t we?  Of course we do.  And the more things that a gadget has to tinker about with in a knowing fashion (“knowing”, usually meaning “what happens when I do this?” – generally leading to “honest, it was like that before I came in” mumbled excuses), the better it is, because Tinkering has long since replaced Hunter/Gathering in our genetic makeup, much to the annoyance of everyone else.

And now, after some confusing jiggerypokery regarding the way that our much-loved Transatlantic chums do their dates the wrong way round which had me all excited for watching this on the 2nd of January, Dave Grohl’s paean to a particular mixing desk is finally available to view.