Best of 2014: 50-41

What a strange year this turned out to be.  Leaving aside the various inconveniences and horrors that have kept me away from this place for much of 2014, it’s also been even harder for anyone to get their blogs out there thanks to the concerted efforts of the sort of places that were originally set up to be all social and sharing.  Ah well, I wasn’t comfortable with tarting this.. Read More

Sleepy Sun – Maui Tears

As vinyl becomes more and more popular among people who want something a bit more three-dimensional in life, it’s probably inevitable that little hiccups happen along the line.  At the moment, I’m waiting for three things to be released, all delayed because of production issues.  The explosion in demand in recent years hasn’t been met by an increase in production facilities, and with more labels wanting to use the services.. Read More

Best of 2012, 40-31

I’d forgotten how much time these things took to write!  Obviously these are a bit wordier than the usual posts, but there’s the added fun of sitting down and listening to each of these again in turn whilst trying to come up with something  different to whatever I wrote the first time around.  Thankfully, the only problem I have with this is that it’s all rather time-consuming when I get.. Read More

Anywhere – Anywhere

The nature of musical “supergroups” has changed a lot since the heady days of the 1970s.  Instead of lurching around the globe in individual monogrammed articulated lorries, only meeting bandmates at motorway service stations while conspiring to sound louder and dress more egregiously than each other, all the fun ones nowadays have ambitions no loftier than hanging out with friends from other bands and making records with them – and.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

I’m writing this in a bit of a mood, to be honest.  I was flattened by a migraine yesterday so missed the first of two shows at Jodrell Bank (last year’s show with the Flaming Lips was a stunner), and overnight we had a month’s worth of rain in one go, so tonight’s gig with Paul Weller is cancelled.  Ah well, maybe next year… On the plus side, my “I’ve.. Read More

Sleepy Sun – Spine Hits

Approaching this one was a strange experience.  I had bought their previous album Fever on the strength of their co-vocalist Rachel Fannan’s stunning work on that year’s UNKLE album, and was introduced to a band and record that absolutely floored me.  And now Rachel’s not part of Sleepy Sun any more, departing suddenly and pointedly towards the end of 2010.  When things such as this happen, it does burst certain bubbles.. Read More

End of Year Doings, Part 3

Yes, quite. Just realised that in doing a top 35 (which isn’t exactly 35 anyway), splitting it into chunks of ten will eventually offend some law of mathematics or other.  Whoops. Undeterred by this, the last five(ish!) will be individually added daily next week from Monday – although as I’m attempting a jaunt off down to the South Coast on Wednesday for three days this might get delayed a bit.. Read More

Sleepy Sun – Fever

I must admit to not having listened to any of Sleepy Sun’s output until very recently, and it was only because of a couple of great contributions to recent 3rd party output that got me to finally shell out on their latest work to see what they are like when left to their own devices.  So, I suppose this purchase was made out of a sense of polite intrigue rather.. Read More

Mid-afternoon Compilation Saturday: Be Yourself

This week’s venture into the world of Various Artists is a new album, recorded as tribute to an old album. Graham Nash’s Songs for Beginners was his first solo outing and as fine a chronicle of the time as any. Released in 1971 and at a time when Nash was at a fairly low ebb due to a relationship breakup, Songs For Beginners comes across as an incredible personal record,.. Read More