Mad Season – Above

Barrett Martin has the right idea about things.  At a time where reissues are parked out like clockwork every five years, selling the same thing to the same people over and over again, he seems to prefer the more honest and altogether fun approach by picking up a box of tapes, soaking up the memories that they bring back, and then letting the rest of us share in his reminiscence… Read More

VALIS – Minds Through Space And Time

In this era of technological marvel, it’s quite sad to see that nobody’s really wowed by anything any more other than a new phone arriving (or, even more blandly, a new operating system for a phone).  We have just put a robot on the surface of another planet *again*, and nobody blinks.  The man whose first steps on the Moon (the Moon!)’s recent passing was all-too-briefly noted by most, before.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

After a week where I did two live reviews (the Afghan Whigs in London and Mark Lanegan in Wolverhampton), I’m reminded just how much a pain it is to review live shows.  Records are easy by comparison, because they can be written about while comfortably experiencing them and trying to locate the feel of something, and if you don’t quite grasp it the first time, then you can go back and.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

Two weeks of awfulness over, now it’s back to mere drudgery.  And now I have a bit of time to myself, I’ve got a small pile to navigate that will start getting bigger after tomorrow plus I’m going to force myself to do the thing I keep saying that I’m going to do and delve back into the 80s and 90s once more to bring back a “From The Past”.. Read More

Best of 2011, No.6: Screaming Trees – Last Words

If I had allowed pure sentiment to run the rule over this Top 50, this would be Number 1 for the sheer amount of memories I have accrued whilst listening to this band.  In the spirit of fairness however (I know, that I have one of those came as a surprise to me as well) I’ve had to put it purely in the contextual vacuum of this year alone, and.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

So, how far have I got with my End of Year listings then?  This is a very easy thing to quantify, as I have done the square root of the sum total of bugger all.  I’ve got a new phone though, so it all works out well in the end or something.   Sitewise, it’s been a bit busy and with some nice surprises (although I’m staying tight-lipped on that.. Read More

Microdot Gnome – Low Flying Bird

I do like singles.  Honestly.  It’s just that they’re an absolute sod for me to go on about on here due to the nature of how I do things around here, which is basically Put record on Type Stop when record finishes Check spelling (not necessarily in 100% of cases) Check sense made (this one might actually be a massive lie) Send! Wine It’s a system that has served me.. Read More

Screaming Trees – Last Words: The Final Recordings

Oh, the fun I’ve had growing up and having times both great and awful whilst this band played in the background.  The Screaming Trees are almost certainly my favourite band, something that is unlikely to alter given their position as (occasionally slightly odd) incidental soundtrack to my (again, occasionally odd) young adulthood. I almost saw them once, except (people who know me may want to tune out now, you’ve heard.. Read More

Mid-Afternoon Compilation Saturday – Fifteen Minutes: A Tribute to the Velvet Underground

One of the most rubbish things about compact discs is their frankly boring anonymity.  With records, they could come in a multitude of colours, shapes and styles to brighten up any turntable.  With CDs, it’s a uniform silver where any artwork to separate it from the herd is buries within the apparatus of the CD player itself.  Where’s the fun in that?  There was a spate of shaped CDs in.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

Due to an unnaturally short attention span this weekend, I thought it might be an idea to just go through whatever I’ve been listening to this week and pick out five random tracks I’ve especially liked for no reason other than it might kill a bit of time before Match of the Day 2 starts: