Hintermass – The Apple Tree

Spring’s here!  Well, not at the moment because it’s horrible out there.  But changes are happening.  Lambs are out and about, geese are getting very territorial (this humble scribbler was attacked by one last week.  A row of teeth on a tongue is something I never want to see again), the trees are starting to bud and it’s just a few short hours before the clock in my car once.. Read More

Poltergeist – Your Mind Is A Box (Let Us Fill It With Wonder)

Generally when I’m in the sort of mood I’m in now (an internal belligerence raging against vicious depression, mixed with various others), I tend to go for something from the past  to at least divert attention away from whatever happens to be going on in what passes for my brain.  I suppose I do this partly to just transport myself elsewhere for 45 minutes, or perhaps to avoid accidentally poisoning.. Read More

The Soundcarriers – The Other World Of The Soundcarriers

Frankly, it’s been far too nice to be faffing about indoors listening to stuff and then scribbling about it when I could be outside listening to stuff and then forgetting to write about it when I come back inside.  That’s the joy of Outside though, and given the forecast for the next few days, I’m glad I made the most of it.  So now that I’m back in from the.. Read More

Matt Berry – Kill The Wolf

Folk. As a stroppy youth, this word was an indication of all that was wrong with the world I was growing up in, and so I spent much of that time immersing myself in anything but tales of sailing out of Liverpool never to return, wrapping myself firmly and snugly in the most serious of indie (this was the mid-80s, so there was plenty to choose from), the brashest of thrash.. Read More

The Focus Group – Elektrik Karousel

The imagined village of Belbury is an idyllic location not too dissimilar to Trumptonshire.  Jolly, eccentric and full of character, the Parish has become rather adept at producing a bunch of uniquely English-flavoured electronic psychedelia.  Unlike Camberwick Green and its environs however, there is a sense of ‘otherness’ about Belbury that brings to mind church clocks chiming at funny times, Women’s Institute gatherings devoted to invoking all manner of friendly.. Read More

Anywhere – Anywhere

The nature of musical “supergroups” has changed a lot since the heady days of the 1970s.  Instead of lurching around the globe in individual monogrammed articulated lorries, only meeting bandmates at motorway service stations while conspiring to sound louder and dress more egregiously than each other, all the fun ones nowadays have ambitions no loftier than hanging out with friends from other bands and making records with them – and.. Read More

Stealing Sheep – Into The Diamond Sun

Hello, I’m on a train. Isn’t technology marvellous? The reason for this will hopefully become apparent tomorrow morning when I will be on a train heading in the opposite direction going on about something else. So, with little further ado, this is another of those “not looking forward to much at the mo so am taking a bit of pot luck” things, and again it’s turned out to be a.. Read More

Om – Advaitic Songs

 The first time I heard Om was via Sup Pop’s 20th anniversary 2008/2009 Singles Club collection, with Gebel Barkal.  It remains the most-played of the dozen singles released in that set, although curiously (a split single with Six Organs Of Admittance aside) I’d never looked at getting hold of any of their albums.  I suppose this was because, much as I liked the spacey and meditative music they produced, I wasn’t.. Read More

YB’s – Altered Steaks

Sometimes, the hardest part of writing up one of these things is knowing where and how to start.  Like this one for example.  I’ve had a dull week at work where nothing much has happened except for me getting a movable-type rubber stamp which I have been duly abusing for days on end (my personal fave can be viewed here), the predicted snow chaos didn’t happen anywhere near here and.. Read More

Microdot Gnome – Low Flying Bird

I do like singles.  Honestly.  It’s just that they’re an absolute sod for me to go on about on here due to the nature of how I do things around here, which is basically Put record on Type Stop when record finishes Check spelling (not necessarily in 100% of cases) Check sense made (this one might actually be a massive lie) Send! Wine It’s a system that has served me.. Read More