Black Whales – Through The Prism, Gently

It’s all a bit “fits & starts” here at the moment I’m afraid.  Blame work.  The upshot of all this is that instead of getting to spend time doing this, I’m currently waking up, going to work stupidly early, getting home stupidly late, soup and then bed.  For six days a week.  Ah well, it’s infinitely better than what I was facing this time last year. On the plus side,.. Read More

The Night Terrors – Pavor Nocturnus

Hallowe’en is over for yet another year, all my sweets have been extorted by a succession of little demons and I’ve spent far too long assembling a new record player, the instructions to which are only slightly more complicated and abstract than those imprinted on the side of the two Voyager Spacecraft should they be discovered at any point in the universe’s vast future by a civilisation of audiophiles.  The.. Read More


While I’ve been switched off recently, I was also apparently rather busy as the last few weeks has seen a whole raft of Things I Ordered And Then Forgot About arriving in a steady stream.  This is something I do rather a lot which always results in a pleasant surprise when stuff appears, and it’s somewhat miraculous when duplicates are few and far between.  That said, I have absolutely no.. Read More

The Soundcarriers – Entropicalia

There’s something comfortably strange in looking way back to understand something contemporary. This new one from The Soundcarriers is a fine case in point, as not only is it a great record for Now, but it also revisits and slightly reinvents a past where kids TV shows such as Play School and Rainbow were staffed or themed by cheerfully odd folkie musicians and one of my first crushes was directed.. Read More

USA Out Of Vietnam – Crashing Diseases And Incurable Airplanes

Spreading from the centre of much of my listening habits of the past 25 years or so (sshh) are but two bands.  From these parts of my musical youth all manner of tendrils have sprung forth; some branches with stronger ties to their roots, some less so.  Looking at this from a wistful, nostalgic view it’s a genuine pleasure to gaze right back to these sources and also to the younger.. Read More

The Night Terrors – Spiral Vortex

Due to an especially harsh set of criteria set by yours truly, one of my favourite records of last year didn’t make it onto my Top 50 list – The Night Terrors’ Back To Zero was indeed released last year, but was a remastered vinyl reissue of an album that first surfaced in 2009 on CD.  Last year was the first time I heard it, and it blew me away,.. Read More

Sleepy Sun – Maui Tears

As vinyl becomes more and more popular among people who want something a bit more three-dimensional in life, it’s probably inevitable that little hiccups happen along the line.  At the moment, I’m waiting for three things to be released, all delayed because of production issues.  The explosion in demand in recent years hasn’t been met by an increase in production facilities, and with more labels wanting to use the services.. Read More

Wolf People – Fain

It’s a strange thing, scribbling about music.  Translating sound into words in the hope that the person at the other end can vaguely translate it back again in their own minds is akin to typing out a recipe in one language, babelfishing it into another, and then getting someone to translate it back again with a different web-based translation tool and hoping that they don’t poison themselves or their entire.. Read More

Best Of 2012, No.10: Pretty Lightning – There Are Witches In The Woods

Right, after that enjoyable diversion, I’m off again. On to the Top Ten at last, and while the records featured were easy to pick out, putting them in some sort of order I’m happy with has proven to be a nightmare thus far.  In short, it’s not done yet!  I’ve spent much of this week’s travelling time listening and relistening to each album, and I’m still none the wiser as.. Read More

VALIS – Minds Through Space And Time

In this era of technological marvel, it’s quite sad to see that nobody’s really wowed by anything any more other than a new phone arriving (or, even more blandly, a new operating system for a phone).  We have just put a robot on the surface of another planet *again*, and nobody blinks.  The man whose first steps on the Moon (the Moon!)’s recent passing was all-too-briefly noted by most, before.. Read More