Sunday Whatever

I was supposed to have posted this last week, but it ended up a bit glum.  So after letting it simmer for a bit before deciding whether or not to post it, I’m glad I didn’t and have deleted the entire above-the-line bit and started again. It is a weird time for 6 Days From Tomorrow and for me – being out of work redefines priorities and shifts perspective (the.. Read More

Best of 2013, That Top 50 List in Full

Before I start this bit, something of an apology is due for a bit of an error while doing what little I do to publicise anything on here.  When tweeting each page as I’d finished them, I got my numbers wrong in haste, and pegged Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood’s wonderful Black Pudding album as Number 5, when it was actually Number 6.  Whoops.  And before I had any chance.. Read More

Best of 2013, 50-41

Oh bugger, it’s that time of year again.  I try to leave this until the very last possible minute, partly because there’s still a good five weeks or so left of the year (I must confess to not counting), but mostly because this caper tends to drive me rather mad.  Still, the year-end lists are flying in thick and fast from stores and proper publications and as always they’re a.. Read More

Petra Haden – Petra Goes To The Movies

It’s Shrove Tuesday!  And while the rest of the world celebrates the onset of Lent by indulging in big sparkly parades with shenanigans aplenty, we Brits pretty much fry glue.  Ah well, each to their own. But enough of this, I need to get this typed out before the unremitting misery of Ash Wednesday befalls us.  This quirky gem is from an artist who appears on quite a few of.. Read More