Sunday Whatever

Things are going a bit slow here at the moment, largely because things are far too full-on elsewhere.  There’s a definite disparity in the work-life balance here, and that can never be seen to be right.  So while I try to address that, this week shall be mostly comprised of EPs and quiet things as that’s all my attention span can cope with while all else goes mad around me… Read More

Sunday Whatever

I was supposed to have posted this last week, but it ended up a bit glum.  So after letting it simmer for a bit before deciding whether or not to post it, I’m glad I didn’t and have deleted the entire above-the-line bit and started again. It is a weird time for 6 Days From Tomorrow and for me – being out of work redefines priorities and shifts perspective (the.. Read More

Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left

Well, it was kind of inevitable that I would get around to this one at some point and, thanks to the reissue vinyl boxset malarkey, I now have an excuse to do it.  The timing is a bit weird as far as this site is concerned and given the obvious comparisons between this artist and the one on the previous page, but it’s pure coincidence and (as I hoped I.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

It’s all getting a bit overwhelming at 6dft Towers.  On top of the pile of things I’ve yet to listen to, there’s more stuff on the way along with a couple of books and what appears to be my first gig going-to of the year.  Yup, in August.  It’s been a strange and hopefully forgettable 2013 in that respect.  I did have a couple of plans for a themed SW.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

Best Laid Plans, and all that.  The current default setting here at the mo is “try to do something, then knock something else together as quickly as possible because Plan A has just gone a bit wonky”.  The pic to the left of this scribbling is the majestic, erm, majesty of the planet Saturn which looks stunning through the telescope but more than a little bit smudgy when I employ.. Read More

Molly Drake

A bit of an unintentional coincidence this week came in the form of stumbling across this curious release (seemingly a 2011 edition given wider distribution on this past Christmas Eve) the same day that I pre-ordered a vinyl reissue of a record made by her son.  So with that in mind, this was an irresistible purchase. Nick Drake’s legacy has been remarkably well-preserved, with decisions made about what gets released.. Read More

Best Of 2012: The Other Things

Only one part left to do, and the infernal list is finished for another year. I know why everyone else does theirs in committees now. Anyway, before I get things wrapped up and back to normal, I want to mention a few other related comings and (sadly) goings that made 2012 special for me. It’s been a genuinely odd year for the blog, although that was mostly my fault. Twice.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

I’m probably being a bit unpatriotic or something as I’m typing this as the closing ceremony to the (it has to be said, rather wonderful, once all the corporate nonsense was summarily buggered off) Olympic Games, but it’s on in the background and – as is compulsory with these sort of things – somewhat baffling.  As I type, Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 is on a bicycle. It’s a.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

I’m writing this in a bit of a mood, to be honest.  I was flattened by a migraine yesterday so missed the first of two shows at Jodrell Bank (last year’s show with the Flaming Lips was a stunner), and overnight we had a month’s worth of rain in one go, so tonight’s gig with Paul Weller is cancelled.  Ah well, maybe next year… On the plus side, my “I’ve.. Read More

Gorm Henrik Rasmussen – Pink Moon: A Story About Nick Drake

I think I sort of enjoy doing book reviews, although I’m almost entirely positive that I’m doing them wrong.  I can’t do them in the same manner that I do with records (put record on, type, stop typing when record ends, put the kettle on) as I’d be here all week, so I rather worryingly have to rely on memory.  Fortunately, this particular tome is rather short (which probably tells.. Read More