Best of 2012, 40-31

I’d forgotten how much time these things took to write!  Obviously these are a bit wordier than the usual posts, but there’s the added fun of sitting down and listening to each of these again in turn whilst trying to come up with something  different to whatever I wrote the first time around.  Thankfully, the only problem I have with this is that it’s all rather time-consuming when I get.. Read More

Oh, Go On Then – Alternative Mercury Prize Not Quite Shortlist

I have to say that the real Mercury Prize shortlist this year is a bit of a disappointment this year in the respect that it’s a bit on the vanilla side.  Thankfully this means that everyone can get all in a strop about *their* faves not getting a mention, and this is the real spirit of the competition.  Frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way from an award named.. Read More

Moulettes – The Bear’s Revenge

There’s a famous stage direction used by William Shakespeare in The Winter’s Tale, where the Sicilian Lord Antigonus meets his unfortunate offstage end with the sentence “Exit, pursued by a Bear“.  It’s a strange end for a nobleman, and one that would have had the stalls and cheap seats in the Globe in raptures, provided of course that the bear in question (there’s a good chance that real ones may.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

Lots to do and no time to do any of it seems to be the order of the day here. It’s not helped by the constant helpings of European Football (which is on as I type, so please forgive occasional losing of track or bouts of unexplained swearing, although the latter is mostly to drown out Jim Beglin), although I have helped things along a bit by accidentally deleting my.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

It’s time to dig out the commemorative teatowels and give the posh spoons a bit of a buffing, as Sunday Whatever’s Silver Jubilee is upon us! Or upon me, at least. Anyway, hooray for a series that I just do to keep my typing fingers occupied at times when I generally can’t be bothered typing, and that has managed to crawl unconvincingly to 25 posts, all of which take me.. Read More

End of Year Doings, Part 3

Yes, quite. Just realised that in doing a top 35 (which isn’t exactly 35 anyway), splitting it into chunks of ten will eventually offend some law of mathematics or other.  Whoops. Undeterred by this, the last five(ish!) will be individually added daily next week from Monday – although as I’m attempting a jaunt off down to the South Coast on Wednesday for three days this might get delayed a bit.. Read More

Halloween Whatever

Ah, the most wonderful time of the year, when I buy a whole bunch of sweets for the assorted young imps, miscreants and ne’erdowells who come trick or treating, followed by switching off all the lights and pretending to be out while I stuff my face and hope that my car tyres aren’t being slashed in the meantime.  Happy Samhain one and all, may all your swans turn into young.. Read More

Moulettes – Moulettes

No doubt as a result of hammering out this blog a couple of times a week (or, as mood dictates, every other week or so.  Or whenever.  I should really plan these things), I’ve found myself hankering for the good old days of buying records blind.  This isn’t as easy as it used to be, as the temptation is there to just pop over to youtube or elsewhere to check.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster of a week, which makes it all the more important to enjoy what little downtime I’ve been afforded of late. Which reminds me, I’ve completely forgotten to book my travel to and from the Capital for the week after next… The brain has almost completely capitulated for the week now, so I’d better get a shift on and finish this before I blink.. Read More