Slayer – Reign In Blood

This is one that I’d wanted to go over here pretty much from when I first started doing this.  It was going to be a gleeful recollection of a youthful discovery that made the most brilliant sense to me in so many ways, and how it also went on to define the way I listened to music, which is the same way I do now.  It was to be about.. Read More

Argonaut – What’s Your Perfect Day?

I was going to do this a week or so ago, but I must admit to constantly being sidetracked every time I try to do the thing that I tend to call “research”, but which in all honesty actually equates to “going on the internet for a bit”. During that extended period, the main thing I have researched is that There Are A Lot Of Bands Called Argonaut.  Which leads.. Read More

Voivod – Target Earth

Now, here’s a weird one. As with the last post, this concerns a band that has, in various forms, been around me for a long time. Unlike the artists of the previous missive however, this is a group that doesn’t bring on warm, fuzzy angry feelings of youthfulness: ooh no, this is a band that appeals to the scientific curiosity in me, growing and expanding independently and more often than.. Read More