Slayer – Reign In Blood

ribThis is one that I’d wanted to go over here pretty much from when I first started doing this.  It was going to be a gleeful recollection of a youthful discovery that made the most brilliant sense to me in so many ways, and how it also went on to define the way I listened to music, which is the same way I do now.  It was to be about finding my place in the world at a time when I previously had none and forging bonds of friendship that still hold today in many cases.

But Jeff Hanneman died yesterday, and now it all feels that the shine’s been taken off it because I feel somewhat sad for the passing of someone I never met, which is always a strange thing to get one’s head around.  Now’s a good time to be doing this though, as I have to admit that I hadn’t realised just how deeply this record has resonated with me over the years before last night.


Argonaut – What’s Your Perfect Day?

argonautI was going to do this a week or so ago, but I must admit to constantly being sidetracked every time I try to do the thing that I tend to call “research”, but which in all honesty actually equates to “going on the internet for a bit”. During that extended period, the main thing I have researched is that There Are A Lot Of Bands Called Argonaut.  Which leads me to hope that, in the description of the band that follows below, I am talking about the right one.  If I do have the right one however, it’s a rather lovely story of how this EP kind of came together.  If I haven’t, then it’s a lovely story anyway.


Voivod – Target Earth

target earthNow, here’s a weird one. As with the last post, this concerns a band that has, in various forms, been around me for a long time. Unlike the artists of the previous missive however, this is a group that doesn’t bring on warm, fuzzy angry feelings of youthfulness: ooh no, this is a band that appeals to the scientific curiosity in me, growing and expanding independently and more often than not in ways counter to what anyone else is doing. I have been meaning to do a “From The Past” post on them pretty much since I began this blog, but have been confounded at every attempt as not only do I still not know which one of their previous albums to do, but also it’s a bizarre notion to be “looking back” at Voivod for any reason, as their forward creative momentum makes such retrospection largely irrelevant.

There’s something almost reassuring about opening a Voivod review with the phrase “Now, here’s a weird one…”, because frankly if Voivod ever did an album that wasn’t intrinsically odd then that’d be the day that they may as well pack up and go home. Thankfully, that time is some way off yet, because this new one (I’ve lost count where we’re up to – 16th?) continues in their fine tradition of being both familiar and completely new all over again. I dunno, maybe it’s that constant newness with these guys that is the familiar feeling that I get from them…