Best of 2014: 40-31

I have absolutely no idea when I’m going to finish this.  Usually, I try to get it all out of the way as close to this side of Christmas as possible, but that’s not going to happen I don’t think, especially as I have a couple more things to park here & elsewhere in the meantime.  Never mind, the whole point of these things is to take in the whole.. Read More

Mark Kozelek – Live At Biko

There is a reason why this post is ever so slightly late.  At the end of his performance of Micheline, Mark Kozelek takes a moment to gather his thoughts before asking his gathered audience “Are you tired of these middle-aged ramblings of mine?  ‘Cause I’m gonna go a lot more of them” before going into a short discussion of his recent viewing of True Detective.  And as I was only halfway.. Read More

Sun Kil Moon – Benji

This is a record that makes the notion of being a Record Collector a bit of a strange one.  Our various and varied collections are not passive artifacts for us to hoard and catalogue (none of mine are, anyway – which is probably why I can’t find anything), they exist as a series of buttons and triggers to be pressed, pulled and even provoked in order to bring forth memories,.. Read More

Best of 2013, Favourite Tracks

Albums are all well and good, but what of the individual songs contained within?  A silly question to be sure, but it’s a bit more complicated than merely going “well that was the best record, so it had the best songs on it” – that works sometimes, but not always.  Sometimes, a song in its right place in the context of its album home is a euphoric, emotional high; but.. Read More

Best of 2013, That Top 50 List in Full

Before I start this bit, something of an apology is due for a bit of an error while doing what little I do to publicise anything on here.  When tweeting each page as I’d finished them, I got my numbers wrong in haste, and pegged Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood’s wonderful Black Pudding album as Number 5, when it was actually Number 6.  Whoops.  And before I had any chance.. Read More

Best of 2013, 30-21

Getting through this part of the list always proves to be the trickiest part of the larger puzzle here, as this is where the real favourites of the year begin to gather.  I guess this particular grouping is where the cool, back-of-the-bus misfits hang out because while they’re not the big glitzy stars of the age they demand a certain, definite amount of quiet awe and a collection of longer.. Read More

Best of 2013, 40-31

Compiling this list has been a bit trickier than the ones I’ve done before.  For one thing, the fifty I ended up with were taken from a much larger list than previous endeavours, with just under thirty others not quite making it and several others being omitted for reasons various (reissues, compilations and stuff that may come together as a separate thing of later on).  Also, looking back at the.. Read More

Mark Kozelek & Desertshore

This is one of those records where it is hard to come up with a meaningful introduction to.  Partly because most of what I felt like writing was already covered in a previous seaside-related confection of recent weeks, albeit with a completely different emotional aspect.  I suppose that with this one, it’s an example of having little power we have over what memories are evoked when we start hitting strong,.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

A bit of a confused bag this week, as it’s been a bit of a confused week all round.  I seem to have amassed quite a collection of things during the past fortnight that I have yet to even listen to let alone consider writing about.  Add to this ongoing internal arguments about technology (which I was hoping to externalise months ago but didn’t.  Oops) and a general intellectual collapse.. Read More

Mark Kozelek and Jimmy Lavalle – Perils From The Sea

At a time when people – and oh my do I include myself in this bracket – are excitedly prepping themselves to hear the first album in eight years (what is it about eight years and artists?), this is Mark Kozelek’s third album this year.  And it’s still only May, so anything could still happen.  Well, actually it’s an album with Desertshore available in August, but other than that, anything could.. Read More