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  • Sunday Whatever

    Well, what a strange week that was.  Usually, popping down to London is the most stressful for this vaguely-panicked scribe, yet it turned out to be the most relaxed out of four jaunts around the country.  They were all well worth it though, it’s nice for me to occasionally realise that I’m not quite as antisocial as I tend to think I am, and running into friends old and new has left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling that will no doubt be completely obliterated tomorrow morning when I go back to work.

    Not entirely sure how many new readers I’ve gained this week (hi, fellow Grauniadistas!  Hope you find something worth hanging around for), I’ll probably lose them all again as this week I plan to put my feet up a bit, save for trying to think of something to do for this coming Tuesday as 6dft will be a whole two years old.  And, as the web-hosting types have already renewed my subscription, I have at least another year left in me.  Or at least paid for so I’d better make the most of it…

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  • Best of 2011 – Favourite Singles/EPs

    I’m trying to ease myself into this gently this year.  Mostly because this is an even bigger pain to do than it was last year, which is a good thing, as it means that I’ve listened to more new stuff (and, more importantly, enjoyed it) than I did last year.  Or, I’ve just been less picky.

    I suppose that there’s huge advantages and disadvantages to doing this on my own as opposed to by the committees that decide these things for publications from larger blogs than this (almost all of them, then) right up to the posh glossies.  On the plus side, I don’t have to argue with myself about what gets put in and in which order, and what gets left out.  On the minus side, I end up arguing with myself about what gets put in and etc etc.


    I have had to cut-off at 50 albums because any more than that would have been overkill, and this isn’t a list of Everything I Have Listened To This Year, it’s going to be a list of favourites.  And any less would have been missing some stuff that I really wanted to include.  And this year, I’ve not included any unique singles and EPs in that main countdown as it felt just as unfair to kick out an album to make room for, in some cases, two great songs.  So instead, I’ve whittled down a bunch of great and short releases down to a Top 10 (sort of…), partly to get me into the habit of getting this whole hellish list thing going (and hopefully finished), and also to get me to go back over the year’s music with a fresh set of ears in order to reconnect and re-appreciate a daunting pile of records…

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  • Sunday Whatever

    Oh bugger, it’s that time of year again.

    Yup, it’s almost time for those awful end of year “Best Of” lists that are such a pain to organise and write, and which nobody with a single ounce of sense would agree with anyway.  And good on us all for being so contrary, it’s pointing out other people’s utter wrongness that makes these things such fun to read.  The bits I hate are (and probably not in the order that anyone else would agree with, in keeping with the general sentiment):

    • I can never remember when anything came out on the first place, thus including stuff that shouldn’t be there and missing out stuff that should;
    • sorting out why album x is 1/50th better than album n is just stupid, especially when album n is from a completely different genre anyway; and
    • opinion changes each and every time I listen to something anyway

    I’m already suspecting that history will repeat from last year, as what I thought for a long time was pretty much untouchable as far as my choice for #1 was concerned, and I’m now finding that competition is rather fierce so may well end up with a couple of top picks and however many joint 2nd places I can fit into one space without going completely mad.


    Anyway, enough of me trying equally hard to talk myself both in and out of doing it, on with the Whatevs.

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