Sunday Whatever

Yeah, I did it again.  I forgot to switch of the Auto-Renew thing on the web hosting front page and I’ve accidentally paid for another year.  Whoops.  A fuller state of the place will probably follow in a week when this place turns six (!) years old, but doing this as a solitary endeavour hasn’t been quite as much fun as it once was and various other “this & that”s.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

This is taking a while to type as my right arm, as is its wont, is dangling somewhat uselessly and painfully to the side of me.  That I am having to take extra care and consideration about what I type means that not only is this taking a lot longer to do than usual, there’ll probably be fewer spelling mistakes as well as I’m paying proper attention. I could be.. Read More

Ed Harcourt – Wizard Bounce

Well, this has buggered up my day.  In the nicest possible way though.  I was supposed to be catching up on things here (and there’s a lot of catching up to do, a whole bunch of albums sit here untalked-about and about to be joined by others, plus general tidying up and adding things).  And then this happens. There was mentionings from Ed Harcourt the other day that something would be.. Read More

Best Of 2012, No.2: My Jerusalem – Preachers

Hmm.  I was going to leave this until Christmas Eve, but sod it.  External influences have put me in an incredibly bad mood (someone who wants me to have a crap Christmas has at least in part succeeded, but hey ho), and I’m listening to this as a way of both dissipating, soothing and – as a somewhat guilty pleasure – exacerbating my current disposition.  Somewhat handily, this record manages to.. Read More

My Jerusalem – Preachers

Well, that’s that plan knackered.  What was supposed to happen was – as I tend to enjoy doing with other such highly-anticipated titles – I was going to write about this particular record during its first playthrough.  I suspect that this approach is something that would horrify most artists, who would probably want the songs to bed in to the listener’s consciousness at every level, to be comfortable with everything that’s.. Read More

My Jerusalem Mother’s Day Sale 13th May

And now, a quick advertorial.   I don’t usually (ever?  Can’t be bothered checking) do this sort of thing, and it’s not even Mother’s Day in this corner of the Empire where I’m typing this, but the band in question are very well-regarded by this blog and the cause is a grand one…  EDIT: And since typing this, my sister’s partner lost his Mum this morning.  We’re all a bit.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

Well, what a strange week that was.  Usually, popping down to London is the most stressful for this vaguely-panicked scribe, yet it turned out to be the most relaxed out of four jaunts around the country.  They were all well worth it though, it’s nice for me to occasionally realise that I’m not quite as antisocial as I tend to think I am, and running into friends old and new.. Read More

Best of 2011 – Favourite Singles/EPs

I’m trying to ease myself into this gently this year.  Mostly because this is an even bigger pain to do than it was last year, which is a good thing, as it means that I’ve listened to more new stuff (and, more importantly, enjoyed it) than I did last year.  Or, I’ve just been less picky. I suppose that there’s huge advantages and disadvantages to doing this on my own.. Read More

My Jerusalem – Sleepwalking Refurbished

One of the plus sides to this new-fangled digital approach to music distribution is that artists or labels aren’t necessarily tied down to traditional release dates.  That many still do is probably a nod to tradition and habit more than anything else, as chart-bothering doesn’t seem as exciting as it used to be; overhyped drivel from whatever was on the TV karaoke shows the day before to a market with.. Read More

Jeff Klein – kidbones EP

Another day, another Jeff Klein EP appearing from seemingly nowhere. It’s probably not unfair to say that Jeff has a better handle on the machinations and communities of that there internet than most artists, eschewing the usual route of getting someone in to knock up a website and forget all about it while some poor spod sits there fielding questions about favourite biscuits and the like.  This particular recording type.. Read More