Sunday Whatever

Things are going a bit slow here at the moment, largely because things are far too full-on elsewhere.  There’s a definite disparity in the work-life balance here, and that can never be seen to be right.  So while I try to address that, this week shall be mostly comprised of EPs and quiet things as that’s all my attention span can cope with while all else goes mad around me… Read More

The Afghan Whigs – Do To The Beast

I suspect that I may well be the only person who does this, but there you go.  After waiting with bated breath from the moment it was announced to the day that it finally arrived on my doorstep, I then went and left the new Afghan Whigs album to one side for a day.  Unplayed.  Then again, it’s been over a decade and a half.  Another 24 hours spent tantalisingly.. Read More

The Afghan Whigs – London Koko, 19/08/2012

Just typing that subject header conjures feelings of “that really happened, didn’t it?” in this scribbler’s overheated mind. I still find it hard to believe that 2012 was the first time I got to see The Afghan Whigs in the flesh, after missing so many shows such a long time ago that it almost became a running gag in the ’90s.  As time has shown, although the Afghan Whigs were.. Read More

The Afghan Whigs – Gentlemen, Black Love and 1965

  I type this with a vague feeling of regret, which is a feeling I commonly associate with the Afghan Whigs. Back in the 1990s, there were seemingly always flyers posted about the place announcing that the band were once more rolling through town, and every time this happened I never went to see them, despite making a mental note to do so “next time”. I suppose I put his.. Read More

The Twilight Singers – Live in New York

A bit of a slight revisit this one, as thanks to the joys of preordering I’d been enjoying the downloaded tracks for a short while beforehand (and enjoying to the extent that I’d included this among my favourites of 2011). Thanks to the arrival of the 2xCD package that arrived yesterday as well as the arrival of a posh new pair of headphones (which comes with a free bottle-opener for.. Read More

Twilight Singers – Manchester Moho Live, 20/03/2011

It was very hot.  It was incredibly loud.  The audience were stood on some sort of lovely patio.   These are special nights when Greg Dulli brings his Twilight Singers into town.  Not just because of longterm comedy injuries sustained by this scribbler whilst drunkenly walking a very long way home in the wrong direction and pouring rain whilst drunk after an especially brilliant set, and in this case not.. Read More

The Twilight Singers – Dynamite Steps

One day, all online record sales will be conducted using Sub Pop’s excellent business model.  Encouraging vinyl sales by including free mp3 download codes and generally being really friendly and easy to deal with is reason enough to fling disposable income at them, but they should also be singled out for special praise for providing streams of your order when they send you your purchase confirmation.  This also extends to.. Read More

Mid-Afternoon Compilation Saturday: Summer’s Kiss – A Tribute to the Afghan Whigs

It seems a bit curious that there were loads of quality tribute albums released in the early nineties featuring acts from the Sub Pop roster and their peers dedicated to bands who had influenced their respective career paths, yet now we are one generation on from this, and these artists remain largely without tribute albums of their own, despite their own not inconsiderable influence on many of today’s contemporary artists. .. Read More

The Twilight Singers – Blackberry Belle

I must admit that, although having been quite the Afghan Whigs fan, Greg Dulli’s first foray outside the comfort zone of his own band (the now departed Afghan Whigs) with Twilight as Played by The Twilight Singers seemed to have passed by under my radar (something that was resolved within three days of listening to the follow-up).  So it was this second album that was my first exposure to this.. Read More