Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Akira

As my mood fails to improve, tactics have shifted from playing along with it (see previous post) to shocking it into compliance: and this means bringing out The Big Guns.  If you’ve never seen Katsuhiro Otomo’s 1988 film Akira (of his own vast comic series), you should really do so at the earliest opportunity.  And don’t be worrying about not being able to follow it at all, for the film.. Read More

John Carpenter – The Fog

There’s much to be said for the re-emergence of vinyl product in today’s musical marketplace.  On the plus side, there’s the whole weird sense of community that comes with modern-day actual record buying as it’s a thing that feels like it has passed through many sets of caring hands before it reaches its home and a lifetime of being taken out, dusted down, having the artwork and sleevenotes pawed over.. Read More

Jim Williams et al – A Field In England

From the day that I first clapped eyes on the teaser poster for A Field In England (courtesy of the Twins Of Evil‘s amazing artwork), Ben Wheatley’s psychedelic Civil War drama, I was sold.  As well as the quality of the image, I was drawn to the whole setting of the piece, as the English Civil War is something that was mentioned while I was at school, but not really.. Read More

Rob – Maniac

Sometimes you watch a film, and it all just sticks with you.  When you’re still going over stuff in your head the day after the credits have rolled and still feel something about the story and characters, you know a film’s worked.  That I’m sat here thinking about the deeper aspects of a remake of a slasher film speaks volumes about the quality of Franck Khalfoun’s reworking of 1980 horror flick Maniac whilst.. Read More

Harry Robinson – Twins Of Evil

If it wasn’t for the somewhat random nature of the local postal service, this would have arrived yesterday and fallen rather nicely on the first anniversary of the Death Waltz Recording Company, a soundtrack record label that has been both incredibly busy and wonderfully fastidious in providing records that look and ‘feel’ just as good as they sound – and, such is the popularity of their release schedule, who spectacularly.. Read More

Vangelis – Blade Runner Soundtrack

There’s just something gloriously mad about Blade Runner, as it’s a film that is almost impossible to explain to anyone who has never seen it, especially if they start asking awkward questions like “so, why is he called a Blade Runner then?” It’s one of those films that has very slowly and carefully created a legend around itself, largely by being utterly baffling until a Director’s Cut appeared several years.. Read More

Mudhoney – I’m Now

First of all, a heartfelt “Happy 25th Birthday!” from this idiot scribe to the lovely people of Sub Pop Records.  Which feels kind of strange in a way as, to put everything in an awful “how on Earth did that happen?” historical context, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon was a mere 15 years old when Touch Me I’m Sick was recorded. I’ll just let the older viewers allow that.. Read More

Sound City

Men.  We do like our gadgets, don’t we?  Of course we do.  And the more things that a gadget has to tinker about with in a knowing fashion (“knowing”, usually meaning “what happens when I do this?” – generally leading to “honest, it was like that before I came in” mumbled excuses), the better it is, because Tinkering has long since replaced Hunter/Gathering in our genetic makeup, much to the.. Read More

Paul Giovanni, Magnet et al – The Wicker Man

Due to the generally fickle nature of being me as a full-time occupation, I don’t really have many clear-cut favourites of anything much.  At any given moment, I will happily profess my undying love for red wine before sneaking off for an unfaithful sip of a cheeky Chenin Blanc, the morning awful barmcakes are decorated variously with sauce both red and brown, and (because I believe Simpsons references to be.. Read More