Orkney: Symphony Of The Magnetic North

There’s a word I’d like to get out of the way before starting this thing properly.  Orcadian is a word that has appeared in probably every single press mention of delightful folk-popsters Erland and the Carnival, and definitely in at least one that I’ve done on here (albums reviewed hither and thither).  It’s a word included not just as a matter of geographical fact (it’s where vocalist Gawain Erland Cooper hails from,.. Read More

Best of 2011, No.7: Erland and the Carnival – Nightingale

I have one of those brains that tends to work on the basis of “if it’s a bit strange, then I like it”.  This record (and, indeed, band) are very strange, and I like them a lot.  No great surprise there, then.  To be merely a bit strange in the context of this record would be to mention that this is one of two albums in my Top 50  that.. Read More

Half-term Musings, Random Favourites So Far

Well, everyone else has done one.   I guess it’s the immediacy of the internet nowadays that lists simply can’t wait until the year end.  I did try to do this properly, but trying to whittle down about 40 or so absolute corkers so far this year I soon realised that it’s all far too much work, especially as I’ll be doing it all again in December.  So the following.. Read More

Hannah Peel – The Broken Wave

Debut albums are brilliant things, aren’t they? They are created as labours of love over huge swathes of time with the only pressures and constraints being those imposed by the artist.  Not for the debutantes are the spectres of people in suits tapping their watches insisting that ten great songs are plucked fully-formed out of the ether because the market has to have something by a certain date; and neither.. Read More

Erland and the Carnival – Nightingale

Have there been any other albums recorded on ships?  This record could be a bit of a first, unless of course the answer is “yes”.   HMS President (formerly known as HMS Saxifrage for any naval fans confused at this point) was originally used as a lure to German U-Boats, disguised cunningly as a Merchant Vessel but was rather heavily armed.  For this, it was classed as a “Mystery Ship”,.. Read More

Best of 2010, #3: Erland and the Carnival – S/T

Neighbour’s password isn’t “password” after all.  Curses. So instead, I’ll just park all of this onto Notepad and copy it all over when I get to the De La Warr Pavillion tomorrow (note: actually two days ago now), where the Wifi is free and provided by Eddie Izzard, according to the pamphlet.  It doesn’t state anywhere however whether he stands behind you providing it from somewhere about his person while.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

Been neglecting these of late – partly because I’ve been working more Sundays recently (I have a South Coast Beano in December to pay for), partly because when I am in of a Sunday, I’m listening to too much stuff to bother listening to it; but mostly because these things are for one reason or another an absolute sod to format.  Then again, it’s probably just a case of getting.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

…or at least it will be if I can get this done within the next 59 mins. Been tricky to squeeze much listening in this week as, thanks to the largely unpronounceable volcano being not as apocalyptic as everyone thought, working at an airport hasn’t exactly given me much time to myself during the past 7 days. Still, I had a go anyway, and these are my picks of the.. Read More

Erland & The Carnival – S/T

Started with an oldie, may as well throw a new one into the mix.  Although ‘new’ is pushing a bit when William Blake is one of the contributing lyricists.