Moon Wiring Club – A Fondness For Fancy Hats

Slightly in keeping with the themes held within the last post, here’s another slice of otherworldly visitations from a bygone era.  But where Ed Harcourt’s ghostly parlour-seance dreamscapes come across as gentle harbingers of evil, Moon Wiring Club’s chronologically different offerings provide an altogether different aural and ethereal experience.  But I get ahead of myself.  Firstly, from a year where “Event!” releases were all the rage, this seemed to have.. Read More

Soulsavers – Tough Guys Don’t Dance

One of the joys of getting into a band some way into their recording career is that not only do you get to look forward to future endeavours, you get to trawl backwards as well to see where it all came from.  Usually that brings forth the obvious musical pathways and the shoots of ideas that would flourish later on, but it’s the ones that occupy their own particular time.. Read More

Boards Of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest Liveblog

Guten Abend, Bonsoir, Ohayou Gozaimasu, Hello and I hope there’s someone out there… So, after the best part of a decade waiting and a couple of months after the treasure hunt started, there’s a new Boards Of Canada album just around the corner, and the livestream of Tomorrow’s Harvest is upon us, which you can have a gander at by popping over to  I have no idea how this is.. Read More

Bibio – Silver Wilkinson

There are a couple of things that generally herald The Great British Summer.  Mostly, it’s the phrase “Since Records Began”, although it’s generally a mixed bag as to which record is going to be broken during any given year.  Early days yet as it’s only May, but “moodiest” seems to be an early contender.  Not that any of this matters, as if there’s something us British types are good at,.. Read More

The Focus Group – Elektrik Karousel

The imagined village of Belbury is an idyllic location not too dissimilar to Trumptonshire.  Jolly, eccentric and full of character, the Parish has become rather adept at producing a bunch of uniquely English-flavoured electronic psychedelia.  Unlike Camberwick Green and its environs however, there is a sense of ‘otherness’ about Belbury that brings to mind church clocks chiming at funny times, Women’s Institute gatherings devoted to invoking all manner of friendly.. Read More

Pye Corner Audio – Superstitious Century

What constitutes an actual definition of an EP nowadays is clouded in mystery. It’s probably written down somewhere, hidden away from the rest of humanity and guarded constantly by successive generations of big men with no eyebrows. It all used to be so much easier back in the day when it used to be defined by the simple epithet of ‘7″ at 33 & 1/3, 12″ at 45rpm’, and when.. Read More

Spell – Lull

Before I begin, I should take this opportunity to make an apology.  I may well have claimed in a previous post that my possession of Canada-based facts was limited to my knowing that their currency had a picture of a duck on it.  I now know this to be wrong, and what I thought was a duck is actually a loon – a majestic creature which looks a bit like a.. Read More

Audioscope – Music For A Good Home Two

There’s a 7 Seconds song called The Music, The Message from their 1995 album of the same name that, like a lot of their stuff in my younger days, struck a permanent chord.  Music, kind of whether we like it or not, guides us and soundtracks us and can occasionally give us the opportunity to do some good.  Or, at the very least, do something that allows someone better qualified and.. Read More

Baltic Fleet – Towers

Yesterday was a good day.  Not only did this silly little corner of the internet appear in the national media again (huge thanks again to The Guardian!  And you can/should have a go at their Six Songs Of Me project, the memories at my own choices coming as quite a surprise if I’m honest), but I’ve also finally got my Fantasy Football team sorted out for the new season.  I have.. Read More

Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury – Drokk (Music Inspired By Mega City One)

An early memory of mine as a child was coming home from a holiday with my Mum & Dad.  My sister stayed at home that week (think my brother was at Polytechnic at this time – unimportant, but I’m following a train of thought here) and as expected, she’d had friends over while we were away.  One of her friends had left a box behind, and it was something that.. Read More