Moon Wiring Club – Leporine Pleasure Gardens

Blimey.  The post-Christmas slump went on for a bit longer than I thought it would this year, so here we are in the middle of February with the first mention of a record this year.  Whatever passes for normal service will resume whenever, but at least I have much to be going on about until I catch up properly.  All of this is of course an entirely opposite approach to.. Read More

The Night Terrors – Pavor Nocturnus

Hallowe’en is over for yet another year, all my sweets have been extorted by a succession of little demons and I’ve spent far too long assembling a new record player, the instructions to which are only slightly more complicated and abstract than those imprinted on the side of the two Voyager Spacecraft should they be discovered at any point in the universe’s vast future by a civilisation of audiophiles.  The.. Read More

Kemper Norton – Loor

Sleep is something that I find to be rather hard to come by these days.  Whether it’s by default or by choice (the latter when, after working 12+ hours in a day, going straight to bed seems a bit unfair), it’s a luxury in short supply.  Part of the reason why I do this blog is to try to get all my thoughts in a straight line or order of.. Read More

Jon Brooks – 52

When I first heard that this record was on the way, anticipation levels were instantly high.  Not only is John Brooks’ previous work under his own name, Shapwick, a firm, emotional favourite of mine anyway, but the title – and sentiment behind – this new collection from the Advisory Circle’s driving force carries extra resonance with me.  I’ve moved very recently (indeed, the arrival of this marks the day when I finally.. Read More

Various Artists – Hohokum Soundtrack

Much as I used to enjoy videogames back in the day, I’ve not paid much attention in recent years save for the occasional go on Ooki Bloks on the lav whenever the occasion calls for it.  I guess it’s because much of today’s malarkey consists of technicality and repetition over imagination thanks to fewer constraints and bigger budgets which is all well and good but doesn’t half suck all the.. Read More


And when all else fails, it’s only right that one treats one’s own brain to a hug. Let’s face it – the brain gets worked the most during the course of the day, and it is usually the least-rewarded.  It’s harshly judged, poorly nourished and barely exercised in these weird times when to be “hard-working” is announced to be a political virtue rather than a damned necessity.  It’s the least.. Read More

The Eccentronic Research Council – Magpie Billy and the Egg that Yolked

The North of England is a curious place.  Mostly because, depending on who you speak to, the point where it begins isn’t fixed.  Traditionally, the border is marked by the Watford Gap.  In reality, it’s somewhere around the southernmost point of a Northern Englishperson’s garden.  We are a very polar breed, and we are mighty proud of this – although to be fair, we are proud of most things. This.. Read More

Pye Corner Audio: Black Mill Tapes Vol.4

In an attempt to keep the body employed while the rest of me isn’t, I’ve taken to long walks all over the place.  Which, it has to be said, isn’t a great idea in this weather.  Gallivanting about the environs with a set of headphones on does seem to be a strange, dissociative way of doing things as taking in the sounds can get in the way of taking in.. Read More

Moon Wiring Club et al – Down To The Silver Sea

Summertime, amazingly, remains among us.  Albeit in a rather violent fashion, as the past two weeks have been either very hot or very thundery.  Usually both.  Mustn’t grumble though, as another day not spent looking in cupboards for The Big Coat is another triumph for the Great British Summer. As accompaniment to this glorious meteorological period, this record has rather suddenly appeared.  Heralded just the other week by a strange,.. Read More

Eat Lights Become Lights – Modular Living

After the previous thing’s embracing of all things portable and convenient (including the manner in which the post was written, sorry about that), it’s probably only fair that I explore the opposite end of the spectrum as it were.  This record was purchased on vinyl and arrived with no secondary format, so I’m having to listen to it the old fashioned way by sitting still and paying attention.  Strangely, as.. Read More