Sunday Whatever

Well, what a strange week that was.  Usually, popping down to London is the most stressful for this vaguely-panicked scribe, yet it turned out to be the most relaxed out of four jaunts around the country.  They were all well worth it though, it’s nice for me to occasionally realise that I’m not quite as antisocial as I tend to think I am, and running into friends old and new.. Read More

Best of 2011, No. 10: Elbow – Build a Rocket Boys!

After that stunning array of punctuation in the subject header, I suppose that I’d better get on with it.  My top ten of this year was fairly easy to decide upon in terms of pretty much who was going to be in it, the tricky bit was (and still is – it’s a bit fluid) working out in which order to place them.  I’d better get a shift on then.. Read More

Elbow – Build a Rocket Boys! Beer

The planets are certainly in alignment today, and thankfully not in a scary, Dark Crystal sort of a way.  Not only is it Drinky Thursday, but Elbow are soon to appear on the telly performing a free show in the wonderful Manchester Cathedral, and I took delivery of eight bottles of this specially-brewed, limited edition ale named after their most recent and lovely album and made not too far from here.. Read More

Mid-Afternoon Compilation Saturday: Manchester Music For Kosovo – Ten

The best way that we can appreciate the present is to look back towards the past occasionally.  Not just so that we can comfort ourselves that things are somehow better, but also to understand that just because something is no longer at the forefront of our attention, it doesn’t mean that human issues end with the cessation of political and/or military involvement. It’s been a long time since Kosovo was.. Read More

Elbow – Build a Rocket Boys!

One of the books I’m reading at the moment is Stuart Maconie’s excellent Pies and Prejudice, where the radio DJ and ex-NME journalist (starting the rumour that Bob Holness played the sax on Baker Street in the process) travels the North of England’s many environs, shattering some stereotypes and confirming others about the curious geography and even more curious residents of all those bits outside London that make up the.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

Right.  If I get this done within the next *checks* 34 minutes, I’ll only be one day late. Got hold of a whole bunch of stuff this past week that’s either brand new or brand new to me with more to come in the next couple of days, so have had a lot to soak up.  Will endeavour to get at least two more updates and a possible reminiscence in.. Read More

Sunday Whatever: Reclamation Special!

On his Heavy Concept Album, Neil relates the tale of Our Tune – a parody of a Radio 1 Mainstay of the 1980s where DJ Simon Bates would read letters from listeners detailing various emotional trainwrecks and other awful happenings, before acceding to their request to play something generally trite because it reminds them of whatever.  And so, as Neil puts it, “they ended up hating this piece of music.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

Yes, it’s Tuesday night.  I’ve been busy.  Although in my defence, I will say that I did scribble my favourite five of the week on the back of an envelope in the bath during the single hour that I actually spent at home on Sunday, so it’s not cheating at all.  Honest.