Sunday Whatever

Sometime during the last couple of months when the hinges fell of this blog (and myself), I made a bit of a discovery.   I’m doing all of this wrong.  What I should be doing by all accounts is to spend more time saying that I’ve written something (or, in many cases, copy/pasted a press release) rather than sitting down thinking of what to say.  And if that’s the wrong.. Read More

Mid-Afternoon Compilation Saturday: Something’s Gone Wrong Again

It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that Adland is currently having a right musical pillage of late.  It can be beneficial of course, as it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the music of Nick Drake would remain the secret preserve of a handful of people were it not for a car advert, but the floodgates have currently been kicked wide open with a succession of weird juxtapositions of.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

I don’t appear to have done a single one of these this year.  No idea why I stopped, as they’re fun things to do even if they are strangely an absolute sod to format and I’ve yet to work out why. I do need to start doing these more often though, as the rest of the blog is becoming, well, a bit of a chore.  And if it’s a chore.. Read More

The Doughboys – Crush

Something that good (or, sometimes as well, crap) music can do better than film, TV, books or poetry is that it can capture the mood of some time, place or person so elegantly and perfectly that it fills that hoary old clichéd criteria of being tailor-made for that, despite all logic pointing towards the more likely eventuality of it being tailor-made for something experienced by the person who wrote and.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

Unintentional Canada Special! Not sure how this happened, but there you go.  From that lovely bit at the top of America, it’s always a pleasant surprise to hear music from Canada as it always seems to be that teensy bit different to anything that anyone else is doing at the time.  Maybe it’s the way that a lot of these artists and records are funded (lots of Governmental assistance, which.. Read More

All Systems Go! – Mon Chi Chi

It’s quite possible that I could restrict my music-listening habits to include nothing but the extended family trees of the Screaming Trees and the Doughboys, and I could be perfectly happy.  This album is one of the finest products of one such branch, and indeed this band is where the two musical families merged, albeit in distant enough fashion to avoid producing offspring with too many thumbs.

Sunday Whatever

Yes, it’s Tuesday night.  I’ve been busy.  Although in my defence, I will say that I did scribble my favourite five of the week on the back of an envelope in the bath during the single hour that I actually spent at home on Sunday, so it’s not cheating at all.  Honest.