My Jerusalem – Sleepwalking Refurbished

One of the plus sides to this new-fangled digital approach to music distribution is that artists or labels aren’t necessarily tied down to traditional release dates.  That many still do is probably a nod to tradition and habit more than anything else, as chart-bothering doesn’t seem as exciting as it used to be; overhyped drivel from whatever was on the TV karaoke shows the day before to a market with.. Read More

Mark Lanegan – Union Chapel, Islington 18-08-2010

I honestly thought that I would struggle to write this one up.  I mean, this is the 4th time I’d seen Mark and David during this tour, how could it possibly be different?  By absolutely nailing down an incredible performance, that’s how. The Union Chapel in Islington is a singularly wonderful venue.  Being an actual church, it’s perfect for carrying sound around the entire room – a small speaker stack.. Read More

Mark Lanegan – Live at Leeds

Out of the three acoustic Mark Lanegan shows I attended, the show at Leeds was probably my favourite.  Possibly due to the utter lack of expectation afforded by it being the first one I went to, maybe due it being the only one I could see the artists for the entire show (was at the back in Manchester, catching up with a friend not seen in ages.  And everyone in.. Read More

Mark Lanegan – Nottingham Rescue Rooms 03/05/2010

“Uh… we’re gonna be doin’ this set acapella” A slight delay with the main act tonight when Dave Rosser’s guitar wasn’t making any discernable noise, although this was soon solved through the application of (technical term, I believe) a small amount of jiggling, and then we were underway for the last show that I would be catching on this tour. It certainly didn’t disappoint.

Mark Lanegan – Manchester Academy 3, 25/04

It’s always a strange experience visiting this wonderful little venue, as I have been going there for years and keep seeing the same people without ever knowing who any of them are.  And the way they look around the room at others and myself, they feel the same way too.  A lovely little community then, none of whom have ever spoken to each other during the past two decades, and.. Read More

Mark Lanegan – Leeds Brudenell Social Club 24/04

This almost didn’t happen for me, thanks to a slight ‘overdoing’ last night at a friend’s birthday party.  All-day hangovers are not great accompaniments to cross-county travel.  Anyway, lots of water and a satnav that rather worryingly kept telling me to make sharp right turns on the motorway later, I found myself in the friendly (especially the little fat dog!) and hellishly hot Brudenell Social Club, having absolutely no idea.. Read More