Best of 2012, 30-21

Well, before I start, I should mention that one of those little milestones I was looking forward to was passed earlier in the week.  I have no idea what constitutes good traffic on one of these things but I have to say that when I started this I neither expected nor was looking for anyone to stop by and read anything.  So I’m really surprised that this site has been.. Read More

Daniel Martin Moore and Joan Shelley – Farthest Field

I am not a calm man.  I tend to wander through life in a general state of being so highly-strung that it’s a constant bafflement to modern science that when I speak, it’s not at a frequency that only cats can hear.  It’s OK though, as not only am I fairly comfortable (well, resigned) in a life spent one iota away from meltdown (as I find that anything further away.. Read More

Best of 2011, No.2: Daniel Martin Moore – In the Cool of the Day

This time last year, I was freezing just across the road from the English Channel (or la Manche if you’re that way inclined) just a short stroll from the De La Warr Pavillion where I’d seen Billy Brag perform the previous evening.  I’d not gone to see Bill though (enjoyable, funny and stirring as he was), instead I’d driven 270 miles to catch a support act who had come up.. Read More

Maiden Radio – Lullabies

This is definitely one of those “not the sort of thing I’d usually be buying” records.  But, I am easily intrigued and (thanks to a general malaise discussed briefly a couple of posts ago) as I am currently absolutely shattered thanks to getting about half a dozen hours’ worth of sleep during the past two months, I’ll give anything a go. I also decided to have a listen to this.. Read More

A Q&A With Daniel Martin Moore

Well, this is a bit of a departure, isn’t it? This may or may not be the start of something irregular here, although that completely depends on my level of cheek in walking up to people at gigs and asking them if they’d mind being subjected to a line of odd and inane questions.  Thankfully, I so far have a 100% record in doing this, but that’s because I’ve only.. Read More

Half-term Musings, Random Favourites So Far

Well, everyone else has done one.   I guess it’s the immediacy of the internet nowadays that lists simply can’t wait until the year end.  I did try to do this properly, but trying to whittle down about 40 or so absolute corkers so far this year I soon realised that it’s all far too much work, especially as I’ll be doing it all again in December.  So the following.. Read More

Iron & Wine / Daniel Martin Moore, Manchester Academy 2, 15/03/2011

Well, that was all a bit strange.   I have to admit from the off that I’m not hugely familiar with Sam Beam’s recorded output, having only recently got into him through this year’s excellent Kiss Each Other Clean album, so I will be vague – if not totally ignorant – about what songs were performed.  Not that it matters, as it was an excellent show performed impeccably, but more.. Read More

Daniel Martin Moore – In The Cool Of the Day

Something that is becoming increasingly rare in today’s music industry is the Short Album.  With CD capacity expanding and digital space almost limitless, artists seem hellbent on filling as much room as possible with their thoughts and ideas whether or not all of those ideas were especially good ones.  It’s as if a fear has gripped recording types the world over, inducing a panic that if they increased the quantity.. Read More

Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore, Billy Bragg – Bexhill De La Warr Pavillion 10-12-2010

I had never been to a Billy Bragg gig before, and to date (this will change) I do not own any Billy Bragg albums. Despite this, Billy Bragg has always been in the periphery of my musical and political upbringing long before I became an adult.  And not just on the political side of things either, I found myself singing along with the chorus to New England (and felt a.. Read More

Best of 2010, #2: Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore – Dear Companion

Well, it’s been too nice a day to be sat inside a cafe with free wireless internet, so I didn’t.  I didn’t the day after either, hence this really stupid timeline that will make no sense to anyone but me. Instead, I spent the day wandering about the grounds of an ancient church trying to read weather beaten gravestones from the 18th Century and (possibly) earlier, and pottering about on.. Read More