Mid-Afternoon Compilation Saturday: Reason To Believe – The Songs Of Tim Hardin

Try as I might, I don’t think that this will ever be a regular occurrence – in my defence however, Saturday is currently the one day of the week I don’t work, so I tend to sleep right through them nowadays rather than seek out fresh compilations to badly wax lyrical about.  Nice bit of serendipity today though, as this arrived today (ahead of Monday’s release – one of the.. Read More

Audioscope – Music For A Good Home Two

There’s a 7 Seconds song called The Music, The Message from their 1995 album of the same name that, like a lot of their stuff in my younger days, struck a permanent chord.  Music, kind of whether we like it or not, guides us and soundtracks us and can occasionally give us the opportunity to do some good.  Or, at the very least, do something that allows someone better qualified and.. Read More

Mid-Afternoon Compilation Saturday: Something’s Gone Wrong Again

It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that Adland is currently having a right musical pillage of late.  It can be beneficial of course, as it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the music of Nick Drake would remain the secret preserve of a handful of people were it not for a car advert, but the floodgates have currently been kicked wide open with a succession of weird juxtapositions of.. Read More

Mid-Afternoon Saturday Compilation: Echo And The Bunnymen – Songs To Learn And Sing

When I first started to do these weekend asides around this time two years ago, I had this particular record in mind.  Grand Procrastinator that I am though, I never got round to doing anything about it and it wasn’t until last week that I remembered what I was going to do. In the previous Sunday Whatever, I highlighted a track from Echo and the Bunnymen’s Porcupine, mentioning that the.. Read More

Mid-Afternoon Compilation Saturday: Thirty One For CALM

It’s certainly been a while since I last did one of these, mostly because my Saturday mid-afternoons have been spent either sleeping off a hangover, or (even worse) being awake during one.  I’m trying to put a bit of structure back into this blog again, so I’m going to have a go at making this a bit more regular. The last one I did of these was when a bunch.. Read More

Various – Barbecue Any Old Time: Blues From The Pit 1927-1942

Quite a few of my closest friends are vegetarians.  I have no idea why this is, I have never asked them and have seen no real reason why I should pry into this as it neither alarms nor offends me.  Having said that, there are occasions where I (at a percentage of carnivorousness approaching utter totality, obscuring almost all else other than crisps and the occasional Toblerone) wonder if it.. Read More

Mid-Afternoon Compilation Saturday: Manchester Music For Kosovo – Ten

The best way that we can appreciate the present is to look back towards the past occasionally.  Not just so that we can comfort ourselves that things are somehow better, but also to understand that just because something is no longer at the forefront of our attention, it doesn’t mean that human issues end with the cessation of political and/or military involvement. It’s been a long time since Kosovo was.. Read More

Mid-Afternoon Compilation Saturday – Joey’s Song

Compilations of this nature can be strange affairs.  People can be drawn in on no more than strength of feeling toward its subject or a wish to empathise, sympathise or support.  By this same token, people can be equally averse; the subject could be too close to home and heart or even too distant to provoke a response. For me, while it certainly helps if the money goes to a.. Read More

Mid-Afternoon Compilation Saturday – Judgment Night

I do like films.  I’m currently ploughing through a 21-disc set of Hammer films from the mid to late 1960s that all seem to have been filmed in the same village in Cornwall, but are fun nonetheless.  So it should come as little surprise that I’m also a fan of film soundtracks. Movie soundtracks are a strange affair when removed from the film they were created for.  Many struggle to.. Read More

End of Year Doings, Part 3

Yes, quite. Just realised that in doing a top 35 (which isn’t exactly 35 anyway), splitting it into chunks of ten will eventually offend some law of mathematics or other.  Whoops. Undeterred by this, the last five(ish!) will be individually added daily next week from Monday – although as I’m attempting a jaunt off down to the South Coast on Wednesday for three days this might get delayed a bit.. Read More