Mid-Afternoon Compilation Saturday – Fifteen Minutes: A Tribute to the Velvet Underground

One of the most rubbish things about compact discs is their frankly boring anonymity.  With records, they could come in a multitude of colours, shapes and styles to brighten up any turntable.  With CDs, it’s a uniform silver where any artwork to separate it from the herd is buries within the apparatus of the CD player itself.  Where’s the fun in that?  There was a spate of shaped CDs in the early ’90s, but the accompanying warnings that such discs could destroy your equipment soon put paid to that as something that anyone would actually want.

So it comes across as somewhat cheeky that this 1994 Imaginary Records compilation proudly sells itself as coming on a Picture CD, even if the picture in question – a Warholesque rendition of tragic Carry On! star Kenneth Williams – is a bit of a corker.


Sunday Whatever

I am getting a bit behind with this, to be honest. But it’s for a good reason – not only is the World Cup up & running, but I have been listening to so much new stuff of late (which will hopefully continue tomorrow if Ed Harcourt’s new one turns up in the post) as well as rediscovering huge swathes of great stuff that I hadn’t checked out in ages (which is in itself a lovely little byproduct of me doing this in the first place) that my biggest ‘problem’ is that I am far too concerned with listening to stuff than I am with writing about it. Should try to get up to speed from tomorrow. Ish.