Mark Lanegan Band – Bubblegum

It’s rare that I do posts of a personal nature these days.  Partly because I’ve become a little bit more guarded over the past couple of years anyway due to this & that, but I suppose it’s mostly because I’ve been so busy trying to listen to so much new stuff that I’ve not been looking backwards so often anymore.  Which is probably why it came as a genuine shock.. Read More

Smoke Fairies

It always seems a bit strange when a band goes eponymous some way into a career.  The usual way about things is to self-titlingly announce yourselves right at the start and then take it from there, wherever “it” takes you.  When it does happen though, it’s an eyebrow-raiser.  Why now?  Why this? It does all become rather apparent once attention is paid to what the Smoke Fairies have achieved with.. Read More

Smoke Fairies – Ghosts: A Collection

The full title of Ghosts: A Collection Of A-Sides, B-Sides and an EP From The Recent Past wouldn’t fit in the box I have at the top of this page to enter such things, so the least I could do was embolden it at the earliest opportunity.  And it’s a collection of which is as accurate as it is copiously-monickered, for it gathers a selection of early singles, plus what may.. Read More

Richard Warren – Rich Black Earth

Four hundred posts in, and I’m still here bobbing about like Steve McQueen on a sackful of coconuts.  Not sure if this is an achievement or a sad indictment of a state of mind, but there you go.  So it’s nice to mark the occasion not with booze (although I am) but with something that goes back to round about the time this rambling nonsense all started. Back in July.. Read More

Best Of 2012, No.10: Pretty Lightning – There Are Witches In The Woods

Right, after that enjoyable diversion, I’m off again. On to the Top Ten at last, and while the records featured were easy to pick out, putting them in some sort of order I’m happy with has proven to be a nightmare thus far.  In short, it’s not done yet!  I’ve spent much of this week’s travelling time listening and relistening to each album, and I’m still none the wiser as.. Read More

Dead Sea Scrolls – Dead Sea Scrolls

I’m not a religious person, and that doesn’t bother me.  It also doesn’t bother me if other people are, and I have to sometimes admit a slight envy at times when a bit of faith-based comfort wouldn’t go amiss.  Ah well, never mind. I do like the imagery of it all though, whether it be the wonderful architecture of some of our older places of worship, the paintings of Blake.. Read More

Smoke Fairies – Blood Speaks

Cor, It’s like waiting for a bus isn’t it?  This last couple of weeks has been especially busy release-wise, it’s all I can do to keep up… This is yet another of those pre-release streams, a concept that is proving to be rather handy this week as it means that I’m not sat here on Monday what to listen to first out of this, the Soulsavers album or the other.. Read More

Pretty Lightning – There Are Witches In The Woods

I have to admit to being a little bored recently.  No idea why this should be the case, as this March has been the strangest and busiest times for 6dft in general, and I’m all for that sort of thing.  The thing I suppose that’s been bothering me slightly of late is that 2012 has seen some great stuff so far and I have plenty to look forward to (May.. Read More

Various – Barbecue Any Old Time: Blues From The Pit 1927-1942

Quite a few of my closest friends are vegetarians.  I have no idea why this is, I have never asked them and have seen no real reason why I should pry into this as it neither alarms nor offends me.  Having said that, there are occasions where I (at a percentage of carnivorousness approaching utter totality, obscuring almost all else other than crisps and the occasional Toblerone) wonder if it.. Read More

Richard Warren – The Wayfarer

I have to admit to being especially pleased when this album arrived last weekend.  Thanks to a friend letting me know in the nick of time that not only was Richard Warren supporting Josh T Pearson in Leeds (after seeing the pair of them play great sets in Manchester earlier in the year), but also that a new album was forthcoming.  There’s definitely something to be said for looking forward to.. Read More