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  • Bionic – Deliverance

    “…everyone has a soundtrack whether they know/like it or not…”


    In amongst all the new stuff going on (including those which so far sit unopened in front of me), I’d been neglecting those little – and not so little – gems which is more than a tiny bit remiss of me as it was all that music that got me to write all this nonsense in the first place.  The above quote is from my very first post on here in March 2010 – what I mean by it is that it’s no longer just the big important stuff that artists, songs and albums provide backing to: music’s everywhere now and – whether the artists concerned are particularly happy about this or not – the most mundane journeys and actions can be irrevocably tied into a song depending on what was going on at the time.  Someone might write and record a song with driving fast cars across deserts in mind, but chances are that they’ll be more related to by people driving their knackered Clio to work in the rain.

    This profundity attached to mundanity though is what keeps us sane, or at least has a good go at it.  Listen to a new song in an awful mood, and that mood will always be attached to that song no matter what you do to try to shake that.  In these dark places, I revisit older stuff that isn’t necessarily attached to the utterly ascendant, but things that made the ordinary that much brighter.  Even ones which take that association with the ordinary to very strange memorial places…

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  • Sunday Whatever

    Firstly, an appeal on behalf of the ragged edge of my sanity:


    As a tiny part of a huge blogging community, it would be lovely if those of you who still have Hotmail addresses could stop giving out your passwords to all and sundry, or at least change them once in a while.  I don’t get a huge amount of comments here from real people (and I’m grateful for all the ones I get and welcome even more), but I do get a fair amount of spam which is not usually a problem – only lately I’m getting hundreds of spam comments every day at the moment, all from Hotmail addresses.  And they’re only up to the “D”s.  This is almost as annoying as those dozens of sexy ladies who keep following me on Twitter and who then turn out not to be sexy ladies at all.


    Also, this is actually last Sunday’s, due to Spotify managing to eat almost two years’ worth of Sunday Whatever playlists (including this one – and yep, this site is almost two years old…) and I couldn’t be bothered starting again.  Thankfully – and like an incident in my tiny youth involving a wooden bead off my mum’s favourite necklace of the time, my nose, and a period of about four weeks – they’ve all since worked themselves loose and I have them back again so everyone’s happy.  With the possible exception of my mum.


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  • Sunday Whatever

    Unintentional Canada Special!

    Not sure how this happened, but there you go.  From that lovely bit at the top of America, it’s always a pleasant surprise to hear music from Canada as it always seems to be that teensy bit different to anything that anyone else is doing at the time.  Maybe it’s the way that a lot of these artists and records are funded (lots of Governmental assistance, which is always a nice thing to do), maybe because it’s a little bit cold most of the time, or maybe it’s just that endearing little way that the word “about” is pronounced, but something seems to drive these hardy folk to constantly reinvent their musical outlook with every new project they take on.  And hats off to the lot of you for it.

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  • Sunday Whatever

    It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster of a week, which makes it all the more important to enjoy what little downtime I’ve been afforded of late. Which reminds me, I’ve completely forgotten to book my travel to and from the Capital for the week after next…
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