Best Of 2012: That Top 50 List In Full

  A Happy Saturnalia to you all!  And as that’s my hols over, what better than a hastily cut-and-pasted reposting of the Top 50 to sit on top of the turkey, trifle and Twiglet overdoings of the previous 48 hours?  Probably plenty of stuff now that I think of it, but there you go. Depending on what lists you’ve been reading this year, you’ll see people disagreeing about whether this.. Read More

Best Of 2012, No.1: Soulsavers – The Light The Dead See

After much deliberation, writing out of lists when I was supposed to be doing actual paid employment-related shenanigans, trying to look all organised by tapping out a spreadsheet and then forgetting to save it, throwing everything away and starting again, and finally making it up as I went along, my choice for my Number One favourite record of 2012 was the one at the top of the very first list after.. Read More

Best Of 2012: The Other Things

Only one part left to do, and the infernal list is finished for another year. I know why everyone else does theirs in committees now. Anyway, before I get things wrapped up and back to normal, I want to mention a few other related comings and (sadly) goings that made 2012 special for me. It’s been a genuinely odd year for the blog, although that was mostly my fault. Twice.. Read More

Best Of 2012, No.2: My Jerusalem – Preachers

Hmm.  I was going to leave this until Christmas Eve, but sod it.  External influences have put me in an incredibly bad mood (someone who wants me to have a crap Christmas has at least in part succeeded, but hey ho), and I’m listening to this as a way of both dissipating, soothing and – as a somewhat guilty pleasure – exacerbating my current disposition.  Somewhat handily, this record manages to.. Read More

Best Of 2012, No.3: Mark Lanegan Band – Blues Funeral

This Top 3 has changed so many times, it’s unbelievable.  All interchangeable and all for different reasons, I think I’ve finally settled on an order that I can look at and go “yup, that’ll do”.  Or I could change it all again in a hissy fit.  Anyway, I’ve surprised myself a bit with having this ‘merely’ at (embolden!) Number Three, as from the first playthrough I was convinced that there would.. Read More

Best Of 2012, No.4: Smoke Fairies – Blood Speaks

Good grief, I appear to be back on some sort of track!  I suppose the thing is now I’m getting to my absolute favourites, I’m finding myself that little bit more eager to write stuff.  Also, I’m not suffering from Food Poisoning like I was the other week, and that does wonders for the old concentration levels.  Onto Number Four then, and one that has vague echoes of two records that.. Read More

Best Of 2012, No.5: Bob Mould – Silver Age

The promise I made myself that I would not listen to any more new stuff until I got this list finished is starting to get a bit stretched, although on the plus side it’ll mean that I have plenty of presents to open on Christmas Day and I won’t have to disconsolately hope that someone’s still got the receipt somewhere.  So, as the pile gets bigger, I am starting to.. Read More

Best Of 2012, No.6: The Local Strangers – Left For Better

I must admit that my reasons for emboldening where I’m up to in this list have been somewhat lost to the mists of time, but I’ve started now so it would be churlish not to mention that I’m now up to Number Six of this seasonal countdown (or countup, if you will), even though it says so anyway up at the top.  This is one of those choices that sits here for.. Read More

Best Of 2012, No.7: True Bypass – Toby

  Wow, this is an odd concept right off the bat, and is certainly something that raises this record as high as it is because it’s something that couldn’t possibly work without 100% honesty from all involved, and someone who recognises herself so clearly in the words of another to the present them as a part of her.  Make no bones about it, this one at Number Seven is absolutely mad,.. Read More

Best of 2012, No.9: Shearwater – Animal Joy

  For several months, I had this one pegged as being a lot higher than ‘merely’ finishing the year at Number Nine, and if I could be bothered rooting through playlists and the like I suspect that I’d find that this is the most-played new record of this year, with only two others (both higher-placed) coming anywhere close.  So while it’s perhaps a bit strange to go on at some length.. Read More