Best of 2010 #1 Part 2: John Grant – Queen of Denmark

To be honest, I’d only written about this one less than a fortnight ago, so trying to find something new to explain why this so quickly became such a strong favourite of mine seemed a bit tricky.  Then I listened to it again. This year has been full of good and great records – I’m not sure if this is because it has been freakishly good compared to recent years,.. Read More

Best of 2010, #1 part 1: My Jerusalem – Gone For Good

And so to the first Number 1. I’m quite happy that there are two of these, as it probably goes to show that one person trying to compile and number a list of favourite things is a bit futile – because to be honest, every record I’ve written about this year whether as part of this top 35 or so, or during the course of the year, has been an.. Read More

Best of 2010, #2: Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore – Dear Companion

Well, it’s been too nice a day to be sat inside a cafe with free wireless internet, so I didn’t.  I didn’t the day after either, hence this really stupid timeline that will make no sense to anyone but me. Instead, I spent the day wandering about the grounds of an ancient church trying to read weather beaten gravestones from the 18th Century and (possibly) earlier, and pottering about on.. Read More

Best of 2010, #3: Erland and the Carnival – S/T

Neighbour’s password isn’t “password” after all.  Curses. So instead, I’ll just park all of this onto Notepad and copy it all over when I get to the De La Warr Pavillion tomorrow (note: actually two days ago now), where the Wifi is free and provided by Eddie Izzard, according to the pamphlet.  It doesn’t state anywhere however whether he stands behind you providing it from somewhere about his person while.. Read More

Best of 2010, #4: Smoke Fairies – Through Low Light & Trees

I’m typing this one in a hurry as I’m off down South tomorrow, and fairly grateful that the weather has let up enough for me not to be approaching this in abject terror.  Then again, the destination with its sultry tropical promises of many benches, a golf course that isn’t so much ‘crazy’ as ‘really depressed’ and a rock in the middle of a lawn where the first ever motor.. Read More

Best of 2010, #5: Richard Warren’s Laments

This may well get confusing.  Because after counting these installments up from one to three, I’m now counting down from five to one. I have nothing against the number 4 in particular (which will hopefully become apparent during the course of my next update), unlike – interestingly enough – people who plan Hospitals in Japan, where the Floor 4 is usually nowhere to be found.  This is completely true, but.. Read More

End of Year Doings, Part 3

Yes, quite. Just realised that in doing a top 35 (which isn’t exactly 35 anyway), splitting it into chunks of ten will eventually offend some law of mathematics or other.  Whoops. Undeterred by this, the last five(ish!) will be individually added daily next week from Monday – although as I’m attempting a jaunt off down to the South Coast on Wednesday for three days this might get delayed a bit.. Read More

End Of Year Doings, Part 2

The problem with starting this nonsense early enough to get it all finished before Santa doesn’t bring me any of the stuff I asked for yet again, is that I’m still hearing new stuff and in one particular case, being utterly blown away by it.  So, what’ll probably happen is that I shall cheat even more than I already have done and include a joint “something in the top 3”,.. Read More

End Of Year Doings, Part 1

I hate end of year lists. Usually, it’s because the ones I read usually either are full of bands and records that I’ve never heard  of and therefore make me feel old, or they’re full of bands and records that I have heard of but are in what I believe to be the wrong order. And this year I get to hate them even more because I get to write.. Read More