Although I certainly appreciate Sonic Youth’s lofty position in the alternative rock pantheon, I have to admit that they somewhat passed me by.  I have no idea why this is so, as the rare occasions that our paths have crossed have been largely (and strangely) memorable.  There are a couple of 12″s and singles floating around here somewhere, I once had the 1991 – The Year Punk Broke VHS until it got nicked, I clapped with glee at the little tribute in the first Silent Hill video game and I once saw them headline live onstage at the first Phoenix Festival although this last bit is very foggy as I apparently spent the set getting a bit ‘herbally refreshed’ with someone who may or may not have been in the Black Crowes.

So when this new solo album from frontman Thurston Moore was announced, it sort of piqued my interest in a “ooh, still going then” way.  And then I read a little bit about it, and heard the opening track.  And then bought it straight away.