Best of 2013, That Top 50 List in Full

Before I start this bit, something of an apology is due for a bit of an error while doing what little I do to publicise anything on here.  When tweeting each page as I’d finished them, I got my numbers wrong in haste, and pegged Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood’s wonderful Black Pudding album as Number 5, when it was actually Number 6.  Whoops.  And before I had any chance.. Read More

Best of 2013, 20-16

Trying to speed it up a bit now, and what better way to do that than further split the countdown into smaller bits and writing more about each entry?  This sort of logic is the foundation upon which 6 Days From Tomorrow is built upon, which is probably why it’s more than a little shaky at the moment.  But enough of that. So, the plan is to do this one.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

A bit of a confused bag this week, as it’s been a bit of a confused week all round.  I seem to have amassed quite a collection of things during the past fortnight that I have yet to even listen to let alone consider writing about.  Add to this ongoing internal arguments about technology (which I was hoping to externalise months ago but didn’t.  Oops) and a general intellectual collapse.. Read More

Bad Religion – True North

What a strange week this is panning out to be.  All excited about a new year, and both new albums I’ve received so far this week are from bands I used to listen to 20 years ago.  This Is No Bad Thing.  Mostly because I can one again revel in my own daily little triumphs over Growing Up, but also because it’s a genuine thrill to see and hear those.. Read More

Bad Religion – No Control

This album takes me back to the good old days of tape-trading…  collecting bootlegs of metal and punk shows that were recorded on dictaphones hidden in hats under the threat of no small amount of violence if you were ever caught doing so in many of the venues of the time, as all the gig security types of the time (thugs to a man, with the exception of the lovely.. Read More