Best of 2013, That Top 50 List in Full

Before I start this bit, something of an apology is due for a bit of an error while doing what little I do to publicise anything on here.  When tweeting each page as I’d finished them, I got my numbers wrong in haste, and pegged Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood’s wonderful Black Pudding album as Number 5, when it was actually Number 6.  Whoops.  And before I had any chance to delete them and repost (because to be honest, I didn’t notice for 3 days…), these two cheeky retweets happened which led to lots of others…


It’s always a rare thrill when someone I write about likes something enough to repost it, and anyone whose read this blog for any length of time will know how much of a lift this would have given me.  If only I’d got my bloody numbers right so that I wouldn’t be sitting here now in a state of mortal embarrassment.  This must be how the nation’s tabloid editors must feel every time they make an error in their publications.  Erm, yes.

Anyway, almost done with the end of year goings-on (Top 10 single/EPs and Top 10 tracks to follow suit either tonight or soon after), and it’s a weird year-end because I’m not sure what’s going to be happening with 6 Days From Tomorrow, at least in the short term.  I was made redundant on the Friday before Christmas, and although I’m not destitute just yet, I don’t know when I’ll be back in gainful employment in these uncertain times.  So unfortunately, hobbies and pastimes must take a financial backseat to more sensible matters for at least a while, as records aren’t cheap – especially the nice big waxy ones I’m so fond of.  I could delve back again (part of the reason for this blog’s existence in the first place, lest I forget) for those interested in the oeuvre of Nuclear Assault etc, or maybe one or two ruminations on records, formats or anything else that annoys me.  I don’t know.  An uncertain future could be the kick up the backside I need anyway, as 6dft has been losing readers by a consistently huge margin all year (down by a third all the way through).  Maybe this is a problem with all homespun blogs now that the bigger ones are now well established as tastemakers and bigger shop windows, maybe I don’t split my posts down into enough separate pages to get the traffic count up, maybe everyone hates the Oxford Comma, or maybe I’m just not s much fun as I once was.  But sod it, if I still enjoy doing this, then I’m still going to do it.

Ranting out of the way, it’s fun to re-edit the full Fifty down into one, difficult-to-read post.  These lists are all very silly anyway as they take far too long to type and become very wrong very quickly.  Looking through the lists from 2011 and 2012 (never did a 2010 full list in one post, but they’re all in there somewhere if you’re bothered enough to search), there’s so much stuff at the top of each respective list that I barely listen to now, or ones near the bottom (or that never featured) that get spun constantly.  They’re little more than snapshots of a week at the back end of November, which makes it all the more strange then that we all get so irritated when someone else’s list is wrong or – worse! – in the wrong order.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who’s read, commented, contributed, liked, shared, retweeted or just plain enjoyed/disagreed with having a few minutes of their time wasted (although I don’t think there’s a button for that, and so Social Media Regulations seems to mark this down as being a somewhat irrelevant activity, which is a bit of a shame really), hoping that Christmas went well for all and that 2014 brings everything you strive for.  And fingers crossed, this place may still be here.  Maybe with fewer mistakes.  Although while I say “with fewer mistakes”, I exclude the formatting of everything below as it’s taken me ages and I’m way beyond the “sod it, that’ll do” point of the evening.  Enjoy! x


Best of 2013, 20-16

Trying to speed it up a bit now, and what better way to do that than further split the countdown into smaller bits and writing more about each entry?  This sort of logic is the foundation upon which 6 Days From Tomorrow is built upon, which is probably why it’s more than a little shaky at the moment.  But enough of that.

So, the plan is to do this one and the next entry as groups of five, and then the top ten gets a post each, all of which sounded like a great idea last month.  And even though things have changed to put this site full of nonsense right down on the list of Things I Should Be Doing Right Now, it’s probably more important that I have such a whimsical and time-consuming distraction to play with.  Hopefully by the time I get to finish this, circumstances will have changed again.  But, and to quote the preceding paragraph, enough of that.  On with this.


Sunday Whatever

061A bit of a confused bag this week, as it’s been a bit of a confused week all round.  I seem to have amassed quite a collection of things during the past fortnight that I have yet to even listen to let alone consider writing about.  Add to this ongoing internal arguments about technology (which I was hoping to externalise months ago but didn’t.  Oops) and a general intellectual collapse when the sun came out, and I’m left with a convoluted excuse for not doing any work.  Hopefully much to come over the next week or two, if I can just sit down and relax for long enough.






Bad Religion – True North

true northWhat a strange week this is panning out to be.  All excited about a new year, and both new albums I’ve received so far this week are from bands I used to listen to 20 years ago.  This Is No Bad Thing.  Mostly because I can one again revel in my own daily little triumphs over Growing Up, but also because it’s a genuine thrill to see and hear those people who brightened up my youth still doing the same now, even if there was a long period in between when we all sodded off and did our own things as we tend to do as young adults.  This, I’m led to believe, is the natural course of things, but that’s not to say that when paths recross and I find myself going “right, I’m going to buy this one” for no real reason other than it seemed like a good idea at the time, it turns out that the resulting purchase was a bit of a winner.


Bad Religion – No Control

This album takes me back to the good old days of tape-trading…  collecting bootlegs of metal and punk shows that were recorded on dictaphones hidden in hats under the threat of no small amount of violence if you were ever caught doing so in many of the venues of the time, as all the gig security types of the time (thugs to a man, with the exception of the lovely crew that Acid Reign used to insist on bringing with them to every show) seemed to have read Peter Grant’s approach to gig recorders and enjoyed every second of it.  Once a meagre collection had been sourced through friends, it was off to the photocopier with said list (including ratings for sound quality – one used to get told off if this was missing) followed by a swift jaunt to the back pages of Metal Forces to find like-minded people to trade equally muffled recordings and cement friendships.  Sort of a bit like the internet, but a version of it that took weeks and that was oddly more rewarding for finding that person with a decent-quality Celtic Breakfast demo who was prepared to swap for a couple of early Blind Illusion recordings when Dave Godfrey was still with them before he sodded off to Heathen…

Anyway, the common courtesy associated with this sort of thing was to fill up what space remained on any C90s with a track or two of something or other in order to spread the word of -insert generally obscure but good* band here- which is how word got spread about quality independent acts back then.  All a bygone era now of course, but it was fun.

Steering dangerously close to the subject in hand, I once received a tape containing a Danzig show, and a few other bits and bobs.  Two of the bobs in question were I Want to Conquer the World and Henchman, from Bad Religion’s No Control album, and I was hooked instantly to the point where I don’t think I ever listened to anything else on that 90-minute tape ever again, just listening and rewinding over and over again to those golden three and a half minutes.  And to this day, it remains one of my favourite albums of any genre, because it’s unique in that it still moves me in almost exactly the same fashion as it did twenty years ago.