Sun Kil Moon – Benji

This is a record that makes the notion of being a Record Collector a bit of a strange one.  Our various and varied collections are not passive artifacts for us to hoard and catalogue (none of mine are, anyway – which is probably why I can’t find anything), they exist as a series of buttons and triggers to be pressed, pulled and even provoked in order to bring forth memories,.. Read More

Bill Callahan – Dream River

Thinly-disguised Depression Blog that 6 Days From Tomorrow is, it’s probably of little surprise that most things to be found on here are of an emotional bent in one way or another, as emotion is something that is on occasion hard to come by to people such as myself, as well as being something strongly felt when it happens.  I guess that sort of makes it a blessing, even if.. Read More

Dana Falconberry – Leelanau

Honestly, if brains were dynamite I’d struggle to scrape enough together to blow my hat off.  This is a record that I thought I’d bought when it came out back in October, and when I was rummaging through stuff for the purposes of compiling my Best Of 2012 goings-on, it turned out that I hadn’t.  I definitely have got it now, sadly arriving too late for the previous sentence’s shenanigans, but.. Read More

The Local Strangers – Left For Better

Hello, people of the future!  For I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and didn’t post it.  With any luck, I’ve won the lottery in the meantime and I’m pressing ‘send’ from my new beachside castle.  I suspect I won’t be though. Anyways, I’m holding off a while until we’re a bit closer to the album launch so that hopefully people read this and run out to order the.. Read More

The Local Strangers – Mr Blackberry

Just a quick snippet before I go off and do something else – I don’t usually go on about single song releases as I struggle to get everything typed and posted before it finishes, but I’m happy to make an exception for these guys as not only is it a fine old song to start off with, but it’s also from a band whose first single wasn’t that long ago.. Read More

Daniel Martin Moore and Joan Shelley – Farthest Field

I am not a calm man.  I tend to wander through life in a general state of being so highly-strung that it’s a constant bafflement to modern science that when I speak, it’s not at a frequency that only cats can hear.  It’s OK though, as not only am I fairly comfortable (well, resigned) in a life spent one iota away from meltdown (as I find that anything further away.. Read More

First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar

It’s great fun being a music snob.  Not only can I sit here barely managing to pretend that I have the faintest idea what I’m on about, I can also do what everyone else does and use made-up genre titles to cover up the fact that I am listening to something I like that seems to belong to those musical corners that I’d normally prefer to leave ignored and unhoovered… Read More

The Local Strangers – Devils And Ghosts

Free stuff! Hopefully, I got someone’s attention with that – in which case, hello you and I hope you’re having a lovely evening.  And I wasn’t lying either, as a quick jaunt over to The Local Strangers’ website (Clicky O’Here) and a few seconds later, after providing your email, vague geographical details and where you leave your spare front door key when you go out of an evening (last bit.. Read More

Dana Falconberry – Though I Didn’t Call It Came EP

Well, it’s my own fault for moaning earlier this month that I was bored.  It’s certainly picked up release-wise in the last week or so, for as well as the things already covered in the last week or so, there’s this gem released just the other day, something odd on its way in the post from the States hopefully this week, something really nice out next week, something I’ve been.. Read More

The Local Strangers – S/T EP

No idea whether I’m coming or going this week, so ramblings about short things may well be in order.  And what better short thing to ramble on about than this charming debut from the aptly named Local Strangers – a Mid-Western duo now at home in Seattle, and fitting in rather nicely with the area’s alt-country, alt-folky stylings.