A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Atomos

Peace and quiet I something that I’ve been finding myself short of this week. 5am fire alarms, work stresses and two hours of localised attentions of the police, their dogs and their helicopter have all but banished any notion of calm from this particular parish. And that was just Wednesday. In order to get myself back into the frame of mind required for this new gathering of music from A.. Read More

Desertshore – Migrations of Glass

Things have been very slow around here of late, partly due to issues over the past few months and more recently (and happily) a relocation of 6dft Towers to a more peaceful set of surroundings.  except for the ducks.  So I guess it’s rather apt for the selection of this record to celebrate my reconnection to the internet as migration is a fitting subject to recommence operations here, and as.. Read More

Craig Ward – New Third Lanark

Ah, ambience.  A lovely thing to listen to, but a sod to write about as instead of filling the room with sound, a good ambient record’ll gently colour in the fringes while the brain quietly soaks it all in without telling anyone.  And while something labelled “Guitar Improvisations” on an album named after a community-resurrected Scottish Football Club may have people wondering what on Earth is about to happen, the.. Read More

Plinth – Music For Smalls Lighthouse

As true tales go, this is armchair-grippingly good and completely barking mad.  The story of Smalls Lighthouse is one that begins in an odd fashion before turning tragic, gruesome and almost comically macabre in fairly quick succession.  It also changed the law regarding Lighthouse Keeping in Britain so that three, rather than two, people manned such buildings afterwards.  Which makes sense, as well as explaining why lovable old kids’ TV favourite Portland.. Read More

Boards Of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest Liveblog

Guten Abend, Bonsoir, Ohayou Gozaimasu, Hello and I hope there’s someone out there… So, after the best part of a decade waiting and a couple of months after the treasure hunt started, there’s a new Boards Of Canada album just around the corner, and the livestream of Tomorrow’s Harvest is upon us, which you can have a gander at by popping over to BoardsOfCanada.com.  I have no idea how this is.. Read More

Hammock – Departure Songs

After a few months of trying its very best, the Great British Summer’s best once more wasn’t quite good enough.  Nights are drawing in, waking up for work in the morning in the dark is just as much fun as it sounds, and it’s still raining.  Thankfully I’ve got more than enough to keep me both busy and entertained as far as these pages are concerned, with the next few.. Read More

Nu Nog Even Niet

Early this year, I braved the Mancunian cold to witness a wonderful show from A Winged Victory For The Sullen.  Not only were the headliners incredible, but I was also somewhat enchanted by the support act Sleepingdog, comprising Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie of the aforementioned AWVFTS, and Chantal Acda.  I was converted to a fan immediately, and was also intrigued to hear of this new project of Chantal’s.  It’s an organic.. Read More

A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Manchester Academy 3, 14/01/2012

And to think that I nearly didn’t go to this show.  For shame. In fairness, I had a decent enough excuse in that I seem to have had a succession of bad colds from around just after Christmas that pretty much only completely cleared up last night.  I had my fellow gig-goers’ best health in mind with this, as well as worrying about how what I thought an ambient, neo-classical.. Read More

Lanterns On The Lake – Gracious Tide, Take Me Home

As a musical genre, the dreamy and ghostly music dubbed by the press as shoegaze never really got off to much of a start in the 1990s.  Probably most notable for that fateful day in Reading when Chapterhouse appeared higher on a bill than Nirvana, it was swiftly crushed between the arrival of Grunge and the birth of Britpop.  Slow and thoughtful had no chance when faced with directionless anger.. Read More

A Winged Victory For the Sullen – S/T

I’m fond of ambience in pretty much the same way that I am fond of the environment.  I live there. To be in a physical space is all well and good, but the definition of a place’s character can be something far more interesting given the right combination of events, recollections and colour to bring everything to life.  And I use the word “colour” quite literally here, as this is.. Read More