Mark Lanegan – A Thousand Miles Of Midnight

Back in the days where people weren’t too fussed about genre labels, when experimentalism regularly hit the high points of the charts and when nobody really gave much of a stuff how much records weighed, remixes reigned supreme.  These were mostly shuffled off to the margins of b-sides and exclusive 12″ singles, but there was the occasional album of rejigged and reworked music for our pleasure.  Remixing was all over.. Read More

Best of 2014, 20-11

Of course it’s not a “Best Of”.  It’s just a title I did once and am now stuck with.  For me, it’s a bit of well-meaning guff at a time of year when I could do with distracting myself and others with stuff that I hope to be vaguely entertaining or perhaps interesting.  If not, then it’s given me something to do.  It’d be nice if this is how and.. Read More

Alain Johannes – Fragments and Wholes, Vol.1

There’s something rather pleasing about using numbers as something other than passing the time or showing how much there is of something.  Tomorrow’s 11/11 is a good example of this as it is with its symmetry and a date that avoids transatlantic confusion, but throw the year into the mix and add the all the digits from 11/11/2014 together and you end up with another eleven.  Which is nice.  So.. Read More

Sound City – Real To Reel

Bloody queue jumpers.  Here’s me with a pile of stuff from the last few weeks to trawl through (a good half-dozen things remain unlistened-to, with two more arriving today and more next week), and just as I start to get things in some semblance of working order, this comes and barges in without a by-your-leave and it’s taking up all my time.  Thankfully, in true British style, I can take.. Read More

Mid-Afternoon Compilation Saturday: Reason To Believe – The Songs Of Tim Hardin

Try as I might, I don’t think that this will ever be a regular occurrence – in my defence however, Saturday is currently the one day of the week I don’t work, so I tend to sleep right through them nowadays rather than seek out fresh compilations to badly wax lyrical about.  Nice bit of serendipity today though, as this arrived today (ahead of Monday’s release – one of the.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

I’m writing this in a bit of a mood, to be honest.  I was flattened by a migraine yesterday so missed the first of two shows at Jodrell Bank (last year’s show with the Flaming Lips was a stunner), and overnight we had a month’s worth of rain in one go, so tonight’s gig with Paul Weller is cancelled.  Ah well, maybe next year… On the plus side, my “I’ve.. Read More

End Of Year Doings, Part 2

The problem with starting this nonsense early enough to get it all finished before Santa doesn’t bring me any of the stuff I asked for yet again, is that I’m still hearing new stuff and in one particular case, being utterly blown away by it.  So, what’ll probably happen is that I shall cheat even more than I already have done and include a joint “something in the top 3”,.. Read More

Alain Johannes – Spark

One of the things I like about many of my favourite bands and artists is that they work in ways that go against standard practice, not least because each of these bands are not rigidly staffed; instead choosing to employ wider circles of friends and other interested parties so that ideas remain fresh and the art that is created is cross-pollenated across many bands and genres to the benefit of.. Read More