Best of 2014, 20-11

Of course it’s not a “Best Of”.  It’s just a title I did once and am now stuck with.  For me, it’s a bit of well-meaning guff at a time of year when I could do with distracting myself and others with stuff that I hope to be vaguely entertaining or perhaps interesting.  If not, then it’s given me something to do.  It’d be nice if this is how and.. Read More

The Afghan Whigs – Do To The Beast

I suspect that I may well be the only person who does this, but there you go.  After waiting with bated breath from the moment it was announced to the day that it finally arrived on my doorstep, I then went and left the new Afghan Whigs album to one side for a day.  Unplayed.  Then again, it’s been over a decade and a half.  Another 24 hours spent tantalisingly.. Read More

Afterhours – Hai Paura Del Buio?

There’s nothing quite like a band who choose their name wisely.  The two times I’ve seen Italian band Afterhours perform, it’s been a rather late affair.  Which turned out to be a bit of a bugger as both of these times were in places 200 miles from where I lived and on one occasion (a February!) I ended up trying to sleep on a bench outside Euston Station as I’d.. Read More

Best Of 2012: The Other Things

Only one part left to do, and the infernal list is finished for another year. I know why everyone else does theirs in committees now. Anyway, before I get things wrapped up and back to normal, I want to mention a few other related comings and (sadly) goings that made 2012 special for me. It’s been a genuinely odd year for the blog, although that was mostly my fault. Twice.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

After a week where I did two live reviews (the Afghan Whigs in London and Mark Lanegan in Wolverhampton), I’m reminded just how much a pain it is to review live shows.  Records are easy by comparison, because they can be written about while comfortably experiencing them and trying to locate the feel of something, and if you don’t quite grasp it the first time, then you can go back and.. Read More

The Afghan Whigs – London Koko, 19/08/2012

Just typing that subject header conjures feelings of “that really happened, didn’t it?” in this scribbler’s overheated mind. I still find it hard to believe that 2012 was the first time I got to see The Afghan Whigs in the flesh, after missing so many shows such a long time ago that it almost became a running gag in the ’90s.  As time has shown, although the Afghan Whigs were.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

Lots to do and no time to do any of it seems to be the order of the day here. It’s not helped by the constant helpings of European Football (which is on as I type, so please forgive occasional losing of track or bouts of unexplained swearing, although the latter is mostly to drown out Jim Beglin), although I have helped things along a bit by accidentally deleting my.. Read More

The Afghan Whigs – Gentlemen, Black Love and 1965

  I type this with a vague feeling of regret, which is a feeling I commonly associate with the Afghan Whigs. Back in the 1990s, there were seemingly always flyers posted about the place announcing that the band were once more rolling through town, and every time this happened I never went to see them, despite making a mental note to do so “next time”. I suppose I put his.. Read More

Sunday Whatever

Um. Yeah. Quite. A bit late, but this blog being down for most of Sunday (I pressed nothing! Honest) coupled with it being a bit sunny and me being a bit lazy has meant that this is now so late, it’s almost qualifying as being early for the next one.  So, as it’s a bit of a different Sunday (what with it being late on a Tuesday, for a start),.. Read More

Mid-Afternoon Compilation Saturday: Summer’s Kiss – A Tribute to the Afghan Whigs

It seems a bit curious that there were loads of quality tribute albums released in the early nineties featuring acts from the Sub Pop roster and their peers dedicated to bands who had influenced their respective career paths, yet now we are one generation on from this, and these artists remain largely without tribute albums of their own, despite their own not inconsiderable influence on many of today’s contemporary artists. .. Read More