Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left

Well, it was kind of inevitable that I would get around to this one at some point and, thanks to the reissue vinyl boxset malarkey, I now have an excuse to do it.  The timing is a bit weird as far as this site is concerned and given the obvious comparisons between this artist and the one on the previous page, but it’s pure coincidence and (as I hoped I.. Read More

Lux Harmonium – XVI.I

I do seem to be lucky with blind buys, as I can’t recall forking out good money and getting a duffer in return.  If only this mystical ability would extend to lottery numbers.  I do tend to find that I’m swayed in no small part by things that go out of their way to intrigue and occasionally confuse, as if there’s anything to add to the suspense of not knowing.. Read More

Bibio – Silver Wilkinson

There are a couple of things that generally herald The Great British Summer.  Mostly, it’s the phrase “Since Records Began”, although it’s generally a mixed bag as to which record is going to be broken during any given year.  Early days yet as it’s only May, but “moodiest” seems to be an early contender.  Not that any of this matters, as if there’s something us British types are good at,.. Read More

Mark Kozelek – Like Rats

It is of little surprise to anyone who has breezed through these pages before that I’m rather partial to the Cover Version.  Reasons for my love of this particular form of expression are many and have no doubt been mentioned before – a new slant on old favourites, a previously unseen roadmap/blueprint from much-appreciated artists, a way of discovering previously unknown material or sometimes just goofing off for entertainment purposes… Read More

Sun Kil Moon – Among The Leaves

Growing older.  It’s something we hate doing, but it’s also something that we wished would happen to other people not so lucky to have done so.  It’s also an unnecessarily scary procedure compared to, say, puberty – at least back then we had pamphlets and sympathetic teachers and doctors to tell us what was going on.  Hitting further milestones, we have nobody to explain why, for instance, some hairs decide to.. Read More

Matthew Ryan – Dear Lover (Acoustic Version)

In a list I did on LastFM at the arse-end of last year, I did one of those customary ‘Best Of…’ lists.  In second place (just behind the Soulsavers’ Broken), was Matthew Ryan’s heartbreakingly wonderful Dear Lover – an album stripped down to the very barest of emotion performed and produced almost completely by Matthew alone. So it came as a bit of a surprise when this acoustic version was.. Read More