Best of 2014, No.4: Inventions – Inventions

Sometimes, something just grabs you and doesn’t let go.  Inventions, a coming-together of Explosions In The Sky’s Matt T. Smith and Eluvium’s Matthew Cooper is most definitely one of those somethings.  The first play of this album overwhelmed and reprogrammed the senses, and a later, memorable playthrough on a train journey down to London cemented its status as a record to be cherished.  It’s a record that suggests constant movement, described.. Read More

Best of 2014, No. 5: Desertshore – Migrations of Glass

It’s all going in fits and starts here, and with three days left until the end of the year it’s all getting a bit fraught here.  It will be finished though, even if it’s nudging midnight at the last timezone on the planet.  It’s an enjoyable pursuit, not only because of the excuse to revisit and re-evaluate all the best musical bits of 2014, but just to have a bit.. Read More

Best of 2014, No.6: Black Whales – Through The Prism, Gently

Vinyl. Vinyl vinyl vinyl. It’s all you ever hear about nowadays. And there’s nothing wrong with that, as it’s a lovely format, although postmen the world over would perhaps beg to disagree, although it’s a format a lot more fetishised and snobby than it was back when it was a bit more of a necessity. It’s a happy accident this year that almost all of my top ten records this.. Read More

Best of 2014, No.7: Mark Lanegan – Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989-2011

I’m fairly certain that I’m breaking some sort of rule here.  I’m also fairly certain that I don’t really give much of a stuff for what passes for rules governing internet lists. I could justify it with a whole host of technicalities, but frankly I can’t be bothered – it’s Christmas Eve, I’m at work supposedly listening to a conference meeting but am actually typing this and I keep thinking.. Read More

Best of 2014, No.8: Little Big League – Tropical Jinx

Being as terribly English as I am, I am aware of the term “sophomore”, yet I have no real idea what it actually means, and even in these internet-enabled times I have little inclination to find out.  Instead, I shall be referring this in typically repressed fashion as Little Big League’s “second” album, or maybe “next”.  Semantics aside, I love this record.  I loved their first one, and this one.. Read More

Best of 2014, No.9: The Soundcarriers – Entropicalia

This is the first record in this list, and most certainly not the last, where I decided on more than one occasion from first listening onwards that this was my Number One favourite record of the year.  That it turned out not to be so is no indication of my cooling towards it (I certainly haven’t) or that those above it display a far greater whatever than this (not all.. Read More

Best of 2014, No.10: The Night Terrors – Spiral Vortex

Eep, I need to get a shift on.  Two days ago, I thought that it’d be a good idea to ditch most of the individual Top Ten posts and combine them in another long, rambling post that never ends for neither the reader nor the writer.  Today however finds me in brighter spirits however so that’s been binned and I’m back to Plan A, although I’ve no idea how I’m.. Read More

Best of 2014, 20-11

Of course it’s not a “Best Of”.  It’s just a title I did once and am now stuck with.  For me, it’s a bit of well-meaning guff at a time of year when I could do with distracting myself and others with stuff that I hope to be vaguely entertaining or perhaps interesting.  If not, then it’s given me something to do.  It’d be nice if this is how and.. Read More

Best of 2014: 30-21

This is the weirdest and, from a selection point of view, the most horrible part of the whole list to write up.  Every one of the ten albums listed below are stunners, but for reasons various they didn’t quite make the top twenty.  If only the reason “well there were twenty records that I thought were better” was accurate, but it’s far from the truth.  In a section that is.. Read More

Best of 2014: 40-31

I have absolutely no idea when I’m going to finish this.  Usually, I try to get it all out of the way as close to this side of Christmas as possible, but that’s not going to happen I don’t think, especially as I have a couple more things to park here & elsewhere in the meantime.  Never mind, the whole point of these things is to take in the whole.. Read More