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Best of 2014, 20-11

Of course it’s not a “Best Of”.  It’s just a title I did once and am now stuck with.  For me, it’s a bit of well-meaning guff at a time of year when I could do with distracting myself and others with stuff that I hope to be vaguely entertaining or perhaps interesting.  If not, then it’s given me something to do.  It’d be nice if this is how and why all such.. Read More

Best of 2014: 30-21

This is the weirdest and, from a selection point of view, the most horrible part of the whole list to write up.  Every one of the ten albums listed below are stunners, but for reasons various they didn’t quite make the top twenty.  If only the reason “well there were twenty records that I thought were better” was accurate, but it’s far from the truth.  In a section that is all too self-typically.. Read More

Best of 2014: 40-31

I have absolutely no idea when I’m going to finish this.  Usually, I try to get it all out of the way as close to this side of Christmas as possible, but that’s not going to happen I don’t think, especially as I have a couple more things to park here & elsewhere in the meantime.  Never mind, the whole point of these things is to take in the whole year, even if.. Read More

Best of 2014: 50-41

What a strange year this turned out to be.  Leaving aside the various inconveniences and horrors that have kept me away from this place for much of 2014, it’s also been even harder for anyone to get their blogs out there thanks to the concerted efforts of the sort of places that were originally set up to be all social and sharing.  Ah well, I wasn’t comfortable with tarting this place about back.. Read More

Kings Of The South Seas

In the bit between getting home from work and going back out to work again, I’ve been reading Tom Hiney’s On The Missionary Trail, a true tale of two gentlemen of the London Missionary Society who went on a long jaunt around the hitherto uncolonised parts of the late-18th Century world to see just how their previously-dispatched missionaries were getting along.  While there’s a little bit of “well, what did they think would.. Read More

Black Whales – Through The Prism, Gently

It’s all a bit “fits & starts” here at the moment I’m afraid.  Blame work.  The upshot of all this is that instead of getting to spend time doing this, I’m currently waking up, going to work stupidly early, getting home stupidly late, soup and then bed.  For six days a week.  Ah well, it’s infinitely better than what I was facing this time last year. On the plus side, the drive to.. Read More

Alain Johannes – Fragments and Wholes, Vol.1

There’s something rather pleasing about using numbers as something other than passing the time or showing how much there is of something.  Tomorrow’s 11/11 is a good example of this as it is with its symmetry and a date that avoids transatlantic confusion, but throw the year into the mix and add the all the digits from 11/11/2014 together and you end up with another eleven.  Which is nice.  So what better date.. Read More

The Night Terrors – Pavor Nocturnus

Hallowe’en is over for yet another year, all my sweets have been extorted by a succession of little demons and I’ve spent far too long assembling a new record player, the instructions to which are only slightly more complicated and abstract than those imprinted on the side of the two Voyager Spacecraft should they be discovered at any point in the universe’s vast future by a civilisation of audiophiles.  The spirit (ha!) of.. Read More

Matthew Ryan – Boxers

Usually, and certainly of late, I find it a struggle to find that elusive interesting “in” to a record, that unique moment that allows me to begin a train of thought to wherever.  The most difficult thing for me with this particular one is that it was all to easy to do and I remain unsure about if I want to go down that track.  But here I am and there I go,.. Read More

Little Big League – Tropical Jinx

Onto the second part of this visit to the State of Pennsylvania, which I now discover is more of a Commonwealth anyway.  No idea what that means, but there you go.  And after having my hearing and nerves shattered by 4 and 5am fire alarms here, I am in no state (or commonwealth?) to find out properly.  Little Big League are a band from Philadelphia, Tropical Jinx is their second album and their.. Read More