I’m falling out of love with music again.

We all carry our own personal soundtracks with us, everywhere we go. Music soothes us, encourages us, reminds us, heals us and hurts us. How it affects us is up to us – we choose to be soothed, encouraged, reminded, healed or hurt, and there’s probably no other aspect of our behaviour where we can exercise such control over ourselves on a daily or even hourly basis, marking the highs.. Read More

Citizen Helene – How Can You Find Someone to Love

The internet’s rubbish these days. Social media has now become boiled down to a mere two concepts: people with something to sell, and everyone else. ┬áThe first lot are becoming so distractingly annoying in their pursuit of the latter’s cash that most of them forget to even say “hello!” occasionally, making the likes of Facebook and Twitter (and Ello if they promise to stop emailing me) a means of soul-free.. Read More