Two weeks of awfulness over, now it’s back to mere drudgery.  And now I have a bit of time to myself, I’ve got a small pile to navigate that will start getting bigger after tomorrow plus I’m going to force myself to do the thing I keep saying that I’m going to do and delve back into the 80s and 90s once more to bring back a “From The Past” section that is getting too close for comfort to requiring the services of a professional necromancer.

And I’ll also take this opportunity to once more mention the startling debut from Keaton Henson that I made time to mention last week – an incredible record, and a post about it that sadly (and, slightly ironically given the subject’s own reticence) went largely unread…


Anyways, on with what’s been keeping me awake this week.  And as a bit of a treat to Spotify types who follow either my Facebook or Twitter doingses and get the playlists that accompany these Whatevers, someone’s finally pointed out to this technological halfwit that the songs on my list that are in grey can’t be seen by people who aren’t me.  So I’ve picked a whole list of things that can actually be heard for a change.


And yes, I forgot to post this yesterday.