Well, everyone else is doing it.


This isn’t the first time I’ve done something on a record that’s twenty years old, and such is the amount of stuff from that period that shaped the way that I listen to music even now, it probably won’t be the last.  Where this one is largely unique is in the amount of revisionist hyperbole from ‘serious’ newspaper articles in publications who want to be seen to be a bit hip but all who have seemed to have copied from the same wikipedia article and then embellished it with things that they heard once from blokes in pubs.

It’s weird seeing so many articles about this album when there are so many other albums from that same period (and a few years earlier) that anyone could pick up on and say “this is what changed everything”. Change didn’t come (1990 pun intended!) straight away, Nevermind was at the end of a chain of so many great records from some brilliant bands that every city’s underground clubs and radio stations were taking to their hearts (and ‘underground’ at that time really meant it), and it was this that kicked an already-open door off its hinges. This is not to take anything away from the band or the album, as it was something truly beautiful, but there were already plenty of people waiting for this, despite the “from out of nowhere” claims in hindsight.  What Nevermind did do though, was to clear out all the clichés from what was accepted as mainstream entertainment, followed by inadvertently creating a whole new set for an entire media industry to exploit.