I’m fond of ambience in pretty much the same way that I am fond of the environment.  I live there.

To be in a physical space is all well and good, but the definition of a place’s character can be something far more interesting given the right combination of events, recollections and colour to bring everything to life.  And I use the word “colour” quite literally here, as this is the second album this year to provide that strangest of neurological gifts, the synaesthetic response.

Synaesthesia is an odd fellow but it’s less rare than people think, as it’s generally something that passes unnoticed at times.  It’s basically a state where (and it’s been a while since I did* the bit about the physical part of psychology at A-Level) the interpretive bits of your brain send the occasional signal to the wrong bit, hence seeing colours etc.  Anyway, this is the second album this year that has provided an unexpected visual accompaniment and somewhat unsurprisingly, one half of the duo here came up with the first one as well.  Which is making this very difficult to type when the air is dancing in front of my eyes.